NOV 2016 – Chamber endorses candidates for City Council

Redlands Chamber of Commerce endorses candidates for city council

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce announced endorsements of City Council Candidates John James, and Pat Gilbreath

 “As the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, we have historically taken the stand that it is important for us to endorse candidates that will best understand and promote policies that enhance the business community of Redlands,” Said Jill Riley, Chamber President, “This year we have endorsed candidates that we feel will further strengthen our movement towards sound, well managed economic development and fiscal responsibility.  We interviewed seven of nine candidates, and while some have the expertise and experience in dealing with business issues, we feel that candidates that we are recommending were the best suited for the job.  We believe John James and Pat Gilbreath have the ability, skill and passion necessary to lead us to economic prosperity and success. We encourage all Redlands voters to thoroughly review campaign material, to make an informed decision November 8th.” 

 The Redlands Chamber of Commerce encourages you to vote for John James and Pat Gilbreath