Senator Bob Dutton joins victims of “ADA shakedown” and announces “Fix it” Bill

On Friday, March 2, at 10:00 AM Senator Bob Dutton (R) will hold a press conference inRedlands at Redlands Lock & Key, 430 E Redlands announce Senate Bill 1186. SB 1186 is the proposed “Fix it” Bill that will allow business and property owners the opportunity to fix any ADA non-compliance concern brought to their attention without the threat of legal action or monetary demand. This non partisan bill protects both the disabled community and the businesses community alike.

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce is once again the sponsor of the bill and has been working tirelessly to assist the Senator in preparation to move the bill forward and pass it through the Judiciary Committee and onto the floor.

 Hundreds of businesses have been affected by attacks on the business communities up and down the State forcing many to close their doors for good. SB 1186 will allow businesses to address the compliance issues immediately without punitive actions, increasing ADA compliance and shutting down a cottage industry that has bled small business owners for decades.

A victory for the Chamber and City alike

Good news ……because of the hard work of your chamber and its members…. The U.S. Post Office Processing Center on Redlands Blvd. is the only center in Southern California that will NOT be closed. The Chamber’s Government Review Committee and staff rolled up their sleeves and campaigned legislators asking them write letters to plead our case to keep the center open and save more than 700 local jobs. Thanks to Congressman Jerry Lewis, Senator Dianne Fienstein, Senator Bob Dutton, Assemblyman Mike Morrell, Supervisor Neil Derry, our Mayor and City Council, Chamber members and the business community, the decision makers inWashington took notice and made the right decision and the center will stay open. This is another example of what can be done when we work together with focus and purpose and keep our eye on the prize….. a better future for the city of Redlands.!!!!!!


FEB 2012 – ADA bill will soon be in front of Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Dutton’sADA“Fix it” bill, sponsored by the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, will soon be in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee a critical time that will either allow the bill to move forward or have it killed once again.

            The Redlands Chamber has taken an aggressive role in notifying chambers up and down the state of the significance of the bill and pleading with members of those chambers to contact the Committee Senators to urge them to pass the bill to the floor.

            As the lead agency the chamber has heard from a number of businesses from San Francisco to San Diego, Auborn to Arcadia, Big Bear to Brea and many more cities and towns where business have been attacked by ill intended attorneys capitalizing on  loop holes in the ADA laws.

            The Americans with Disabilities Act and Chapters 11A and 11B of the California Building Code are landmark documents intended to allow people access to more places than ever before and provide an increased independency in everyday life. 

            For more than 10 years a handful of attorneys and individuals have found a way to make an easy profit under the guise of protecting the rights of the disabled.  This is a nationwide epidemic that has taken on steam in the past year.  An attorney will find a business with one or more deviations from the regulations, and file suit on behalf of a plaintiff for damages.  These deviations can be something as simple as a sign mounted at the wrong height.  In some cases the plaintiff never sees the property in question.  The strategy is based on the fact that it is usually less expensive to pay a negotiated settlement than to defend the charge.

  • The average settlement is now up to $4,500 dollars and is still on the rise.
  • Over the years this practice has resulted in millions of dollars for attorney fees inCaliforniaalone.
  • Small business who do not have the resources to defend themselves are the targets.  Some have closed their doors as a result.
  • Multiple visits to a property by a plaintiff can result in multiple claims.


            The Redlands Chamber needs YOUR HELP …. As soon as the bill has been introduced an effort to flood the Judiciary Committee with pressure to move the bill forward will be launched. Your letters, emails and phone calls to those Senators will be essential to make that happen. When you see the ALERT email from the Chamber requesting action please take a minute to send the sample letter that will be attached, make the phone call and send the email. Please be a part of change in the State ofCalifornia.


FEB 2012 – Lehmann passes gavel at Annual Installation Dinner

         Past President Peter Lehmann, Krikorian Premier Theatres turned over the reigns of the Chamber to Paul Barich, Barich and Associates at the Annual Installation Dinner and Civics Award Ceremony. Fire Fighter William Dye III was presented with the Fire Fighter of the Year Award and Sergeant Mark Hardy was awarded the Police Officer of the Year Award. Man of the Year went to Gene Hinkle and Woman of the Year was presented to Shelli Stockton.

FEB 2012 – Redlands Chamber launches new Shop Redlands Campaign

      Chamber President Paul Barich announced a new Shop Redlands campaign at the Chamber’s Annual Installation Dinner. In an effort to encourage customers to Shop Redlands First this year the Chamber will initiate a campaign that will be fun and fruitful for all the businesses inRedlandsespecially Chamber members.

          Each month the Chamber will offer a prize valued at $100 or more. Shoppers will be encouraged to bring original receipts fromRedlandsbusinesses showing purchases of $25 or more to the Chamber office. The date on the receipt must reflect the date of the month of the drawing.  The receipts will be signed by the Chamber staff and exchanged for a ticket… the customer will fill out address and phone number and the ticket will be placed in a bowl to be a part of the month end drawing. If the receipt is from a Chamber member the customer will get two tickets (Chamber members can be found on the Chamber’s website).

          At the end of the month a drawing will take place for the $100 prize. The winner will be announced on the Chamber’s website, in an email blast and in the Redlands Quarterly Magazine Chamber page. The winner will have 48 hours to redeem the prize. If the prize is not redeemed within 48 hours a second drawing will take place.

          ‘We are kicking off the program in February and the first prize will be a $100 gift certificate to Joe Greensleeves.” Said Barich, “We want to encourage residents ofRedlandsto thinkRedlandsfirst when they are shopping and what better way to do it than rewarding them with prizes?

Keeping our dollars in town, supporting our local businesses, keeping our tax dollars in town pays off for all of us, so save those receipts and take them to the Chamber office to be eligible to win a spectacular prize each month.” Check the Chamber’s web site to see what prize is offered and who won each month…… and let’s get shopping.  For more information about the Shop Redlands Campaign call the Chamber office at 793-2546, or visit



FEB 2012 – President’s Message – by Paul Barich

By; Paul Barich, President, Redlands Chamber of Commerce

        What a great year 2012 is going to be!  We have a great Board of Directors a super staff and some great programs.  The Shop Redlands First campaign has a new twist.  When you shop at aRedlandsor Chamber Member business bring in your receipt (valued at $25 or more) for an opportunity drawing ticket (chamber members entitles you to two tickets) for a $100 gift certificate.  Each month we will have a new drawing.

            The Young Professionals Network is hosting an event next Thursday February 9th at 6:00 pm at Redlands Empire Bowl.  This is a great networking event for the Chamber members ages 21 – 40.  This dynamic group full of energy and excitement, I would recommend anybody in this age group to join in on the fun. Larry Pyle, Vice President of Security Bank will be the Keynote Speaker and will be sharing his expertise in financial management during the “Mixinar”.

            I want to thank all of our members for your continued support and remember to shop Redlands First. 

 Thank you,

FEB 2012 – Chamber now offers advertising on website and e-newsletter

As the Chamber continues to improve its communication systems through web presence and electronic news delivery, new and affordable advertising venues have opened up.

            The Chamber’s website is the site that visitors, residents and members go to find out what’s happening in town. It’s the host to the Chamber Calendar as well as the Community Calendar. It provides current and critical business information. It directs visitors to tourist destinations and offers detailed economic development information. It hosts a membership directory that links chamber members to their websites providing instant contact to their products and services.

            The e-newsletter, Redlands Chamber NOW is delivered via email and posted on the website. It conveys relevant business news, showcases local businesses promotes shopping inRedlandsand serves as an out reach to the business community.

            Both now offer advertising opportunities that will provide maximum visibility for minimum investment. Your logo will be highly visible on the website and linked directly to your website driving customers immediately to you. You can also advertise in the e-newsletter and have readers land on your website in front of your product or service. You can bundle a package and advertise in both for a discounted packaged price.

            To learn more about the new advertising opportunities available call Jan at 793-2546. Space is limited, so call before it’s sold out.


FEB 2012 – Labor laws developments for the California employers

by Mark C. Edwards, Esq., Mirau, Edwards, Cannon, Lewin & Tooke, Redlands

            With the coming of 2012, Employers inCaliforniaare faced with a number of new laws, governing their hiring, employment and termination practices.  Some are of minor consequence, or are of concern to only certain employers or industries.  Others, however, are applicable to all or virtually allCaliforniaemployers.  Those of broadest applicability are specifically discussed in this Article.  As always, the careful employer will review their employment practices with their attorney to assure compliance with all legal obligations.   With 2012’s changes, the cost of non compliance has gone up substantially.

Employment Use of Credit Reports

New California Labor Code, section 1024.5, places significant restrictions on the use of consumer credit reports in the employment context.    For most employees or prospective employees, use of a credit report or information from a credit report for employment decisions is prohibited.  Credit reports may still be used in certain situations, including:

  • Managerial positions;
  • Police officers and certain Department of Justice personnel;
  • Positions where the employee will have regular access to certain customer identity and credit information;
  • Positions where the employee will have certain control rights with respect to the employer’s and/or its customer’s money and bank accounts; and
  • Positions where the employee will have access to certain confidential information of the employer.

            Where use of a consumer credit report is permitted, Section 1785.20.5 of the Civil Code requires the employer (or prospective employer) to give advance notice to the employee or prospective employee.   Additionally, where employment is denied, in whole or in part because of the information in a credit report, additional notice must be given to the applicant, including identifying the agency supplying the credit data used in the decision. 

New Written Notice Requirements:

            Commencing January 1, 2012, a written notice containing specific information must be given at the time of hire to new employees.   The new Wage Theft Protection Act of 2011 changed and added a number of provisions of the Labor Code.   Among those new provisions, section 2810.5 requires a new employee be given, at the time of hiring, a written notice setting forth the following information: (i) the rate of pay and the basis upon which it is calculated, whether by the hour, shift, day, week, salary, piece, commission, or otherwise, and including rates for overtime compensation; (ii) dates of the employer’s regular paydays; (iii) the name of the employer, including any fictitious or “doing business as” names used; (iii) the physical address of the employer’s main office or principal place of business, and a mailing address, if different; (iv) the telephone number of the employer; (v) the name, address, and telephone number of the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier; and (vi) any other information the Labor Commissioner determines should be added to the notice.   The notice must be in the language the employer regularly uses to communicate with the employee.  Fortunately, the State has made it easier by preparing forms to use for such notice, including forms in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog.   Those forms can be found at:

            Additionally, whenever any of the information required is to be included in that notice changes, an additional written notice must be given to all affected employees within seven (7) days of the change unless the change is only an increase in the rate of pay which is reflected on the employee’s pay stub.

            There are certain employees exempted from these notice requirements, including “exempt” employees (those exempt from requirements of overtime compensation underCalifornialaw).

Classification as Independent Contractor  

            Not uncommonly, employers (and sometimes employees) seek to classify workers as independent contractors.   Generally this is done to avoid the cost and complexity of tax payment, withholding and filing.   However, under bothCaliforniaand Federal law, independent contractor status is disfavored and is not easily defended.  Too often, an employer finds this out when an audit is conducted, and a far greater tax (and penalty) payment is incurred because the worker did not qualify legally as an independent contractor. 

            The potential cost of misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor just got significantly greater inCalifornia.

            Effective as of January 1, 2012, an employer who “willfully” misclassifies an individual as an independent contractor is subject to a civil penalty of $5,000, to $15,000.  Moreover, if that misclassification is part of a pattern of behaviors (i.e. multiple misclassifications) the penalty is $10,000 to $25,000 (Labor Code section 226.8).

            Classifying workers as independent contractors has always been risky, and potentially very costly.   The new law makes it all the more so.  AnyCaliforniabusiness seeking to classify a worker as an independent contractor should obtain the advice of an experienced employment law attorney to assure that the classification is defensible under the law.

FEB 2012 – Citrograph Printing Co. celebrates 125 years of business in Redlands

How many local businesses can celebrate 125 years of service to Redlands? Only one—Citrograph Printing Co., the oldest continuously running business in Redlandsand the oldest continuously running print house in California. Owners Al Hernandez and Ryan Bailey want their loyal customers and new friends to celebrate alongside them, with special events, exclusive 125th year merchandise and customer specials to be offered throughout the year.
 The history
            A peek inside their storefront on State Street offers a glimpse of the company’s history. Portraits of the four former owners hang on the wall. A retired printing press sits near the window.  
It all began more than one year before the city of Redlands became incorporated. Citrograph Printing Co. owner Scipio Craig founded the company and established the town’s first newspaper, “The Citrograph” in 1887. Though the newspaper presses stopped when Craig passed away, as he had planned, the printing side of the company has continued.
            The company operated in three different locations before it landed on State Street and has had six different owners. After his death, Craig’s family sold the business to Robert Hornbeck, who later sold it to employee Ernest Truesdail, who sold it to his employee Richard Caudle. His son, Richard Caudle, Jr., assumed the business in 1992. When he was ready to retire, he offered to sell the business to Bailey and Hernandez.  Bailey was Citrograph’s graphic designer at the time. Bailey and Hernandez purchased the business in 2002.
 Community service
            Caudle taught Hernandez much about doing business in Redlands, about how to go the extra mile for customers and how important it is to give back to the community.
 It wasn’t long after buying the company that Hernandez and Bailey founded the Citrograph Scholarship Fund, providing scholarships to students at the University of Redlands.
            “We both made our way through school on our own, so we figured once we got established we would start a scholarship,” Hernandez said. “Four months after we bought the business, Richard died. That prompted us, and we thought, why wait? Let’s do something in memory of Richard.”
            The fund was founded in 2002 through the Redlands Community Foundation, a nonprofit liaison between donors and recipients. In 2003, the first scholarship was awarded to a University of Redlands student in the music program.
“That started us on the track. Now every year there will be a scholarship for music, graphic design and business at the University of Redlands, which was one of our company’s first customers.”
            In 2012, Hernandez and Bailey celebrate the 10th anniversary of both events they host annually to fund the scholarships—“Vintage Redlands”, a walking wine tour, and “For the Love of Food and Wine”, a dinner and wine pairing at Farm Artisan Foods.
The duo also serve on boards and committees, including the University of Redlands Town & Gown, Redlands Community Foundation, and Family Service Association of Redlands, and Redlands Sunrise Rotary to name a few.
 Citrograph today
            Though the shop’s decor is reminiscent of days gone by, business at Citrograph includes 21st century printing services, promotional advertising, website design/maintenance/hosting and graphic design.
 For more information, call 909-792-3901 or visit


FEB 2012 – Welcome New President’s Circle Members