Permanent Supportive Housing Project (Step Up In Redlands)

Step Up in Redlands (the former Good Nite Inn) completed renovations and opened in January 2023. There are currently 120 occupants.

For assistance and resources, please contact Jelsea Foster: or 909-746-3258

or David Rabindranath: or call at (909) 761-5196.

What does this project consist of?

  • This is Permanent Supportive Housing as opposed to a traditional homeless shelter.
  • 98 studio apartments for single adults or 1 adult and 1 child under 18 years of age.
  • Case management will be provided on site, along with other support services.
  • Thanks to Project Homekey, new avenues of funding were opened up to support this project.

How is this different from a homeless shelter?

  • Step Up in Redlands follows a “Housing-First Model”
  • Targets homeless (and chronic) residents
  • Residents would be in an annual lease (following HUD guidelines)
    • Individuals would be allowed a maximum of 30% of the area-median income (AMI) at $18,500
    • Couples would be allowed a maximum of 30% of the area-median income (AMI) at $21,150
  • Property managers live on-site
  • Pets are allowed (former pool converted to a dog park)
  • No sex offenders or people manufacturing meth will be allowed
  • A shelter only allows people to stay for 90 days and stays can’t typically be extended
  • Shelters will typically only accept individual men and women
  • At a shelter, people can not stay during the day.

How does someone qualify for this project?

  • The City of Redlands, Step Up on Second, and other partner groups have increased outreach teams to target Redlands homeless residents and screen them at events (over 200 as of November 2022).
  • In determining someone’s qualifications, length of being homeless in Redlands or San Bernardino County.
  • VI-SPDAT Score (including under 30% AMI).
  • Social Security Card, California ID, and Birth Certificate.
  • Proof Income (Includes CalFresh).

What services will be offered?

  • Wrap-around services will include mental health and substance abuse counseling.
  • Group and individual counseling will be offered on-site.
  • Assistance with employment services/job finding.
  • Help with Social Security (SSI) or Veteran’s Affairs (VA) benefits.
  • Community partners are invited to provide extra services.
  • Step Up will provide transportation to food pantry or doctor’s appointments.