Leadership Redlands

Program Description

The Leadership Redlands program develops the next generation of active leaders for our community. Decision-makers from local businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and higher learning participate in a 9-month interactive program devoted to key regional issues at locations throughout Redlands. Graduates of Leadership Redlands will go on to contribute in various ways, after getting invested in the community. Each month’s sessions highlight a different facet or issue facing Redlands. Unlike any other, this unique leadership program is a combination of exclusive focus groups to solve local issues and service opportunities. The vision of Leadership Redlands is that graduates demonstrate a commitment to servant leadership and positively impact the future of the city. Leadership Redlands allows for the next generation of Redlanders to have input on shaping the town in a successful way.  

Mission Statement

Leadership Redlands engages, develops, and inspires the emerging leaders of Redlands through one-of-a-kind opportunities that shape their leadership mindset, allowing them to contribute to the future of their city.

What type of applicants does the program seek?

Leadership Redlands seeks applicants who desire to enhance their leadership potential, increase their knowledge of the community, and are willing to commit their individual talents for future years toward the betterment of the community of Redlands. A successful candidate should possess a passion for self-improvement with the goal of assisting others. Ideal applicants are in any of the following categories: local businesses owners, public servants, non-profits, and adult students or community residents in various leadership positions. Those looking for ways to become a community advocate or leader are also strongly encouraged to apply.

What does each program look like?

During each session, participants will hear from key industry leaders, take tours of institutions, and engage in thoughtful focus group opportunities. There may also be other opportunities that arise and will be made available for participation. However, please note that attendance at each scheduled class is mandatory, and participants may not miss more than two sessions throughout the program, with the result being removal for the program.

This program will consist of a group of 20 participants paying a one-time tuition fee of $1,000. This includes 9 months of high-quality programming, with meals provided at each session. This also covers connections with current and future leaders, and opportunities to delve into the challenges facing the community. Awards will be presented at the graduation ceremony. Limited financial scholarships are available upon need and merit.

Leadership Redlands Service Project

Another unique component of Leadership Redlands is the incorporation of a class Service Project. Based on the consensus of the entire class, an ideal project aims to support and advance the Redlands community, build the leadership skills of the class members, and continue the legacy for the Leadership Redlands program.

Next class application will open fall of 2024

Leadership Redlands Class of 2024

Leadership Redlands Class of 2023