Government Review Committee

The Mission of the Government Review Committee (GRC) is to provide a basis for the Chamber to act on local, state, and federal government issues, thus creating a favorable and profitable business climate.

The GRC reviews proposed legislation and issues which might have ramifications for local businesses.  The evaluation shall also take into account prior Chamber positions adopted by the Board of Directors.  The GRC makes recommendations, when appropriate, to the Board of Directors for the purpose of establishing official Chamber positions.  

The GRC is committed to the long-term economic success of our local business community.  The GRC works to improve the effectiveness of legislation and regulations which affect our business environment every day.  The GRC reviews the actions of our elected officials and advocates for public policies which improve the economic outlook for members of the Chamber.  

At GRC meetings, guest speakers with business and political expertise may address the concerns of GRC members and bring essential facts and insights about issues facing the entire Chamber membership.

If you are concerned about a government issue that is impacting your business, please let a member of the GRC know! 


Purpose: As the Chamber’s most visible representatives in the community, Ambassadors have the responsibility to project a positive image for the organization, as well as improving member retention through increased engagement with members.

Commitment: Ambassadors must be active, dues-paying members. They greet and introduce new members and guests to Chamber members, answer questions about membership and participation, and assist with registration/check-in and other activities as needed. Active attendance of monthly committee meetings is mandatory as the list of new members to contact, and welcome will be distributed at that meeting.

Active Ambassadors will:

  • Attend all monthly committee meetings (the second Thursday of each month at 2:00PM via zoom). If an ambassador has 3 or more unexcused absences, they will be dropped from the Active Ambassador status.
  • Attend and represent the Chamber at 2 ribbon cuttings and/or grand openings each month.
  • Deliver Membership Packets to your assigned new member when necessary.
  • Contact and stay in touch with new members through the first year of membership (mentoring and helping them feel welcome)
  • 90 days before their renewal, check-in and remind members to take advantage of benefits, attend events, etc. (you will not be asking them to renew or collect payment).
  • Promote Chamber benefits and resources. Find out why they joined the Chamber and assist them in reaching that goal.
  • Assist, attend and/or participate in Chamber events and programs when possible.


  • Opportunity for high-visibility and one-on-one networking
  • Recognition at various Chamber functions
  • Opportunity to earn pre-paid cards to Rise & Shine and Mixers
  • Eligibility to win Ambassador of the Year Award