Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Purpose: Whether you are embarking on your professional journey, beginning to accelerate your career, or aspiring to grow your business as an entrepreneur, this is your opportunity to collaborate, grow and network with like-minded leaders.

The Young Professionals Network was created to cultivate the next generation of civic and business leaders. The YPN aims to attract and retain young talent to our area while developing the next generation of leaders. However, while the committee is comprised of young professionals, the programs and events hosted by the group are open to all members of the Chamber. 

Most programs are free or low-cost. 

Example of Events and Programs Hosted by YPN:

  • “Coffee with…” speaker series hosted every other month at 7:30am
  • Evening Speaker series at 5:30pm in alternating months from “Coffee with…” 
  • Mixers/After Hours at 5:00pm  hosted twice quarterly (February, March, May, June, August, September, October, & November)
  • Education Series (i.e. etiquette, tax planning, media marketing, wine tasting, human resources)

Meeting Frequency: The YPN committee currently meets on an ad hoc basis to schedule and plan events. Events and programs take place 1-2 times per month. 

Who can Participate?: Any member of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce.

Hotel Council

The mission of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce Hotel Council is to keep the owners, operators, and managers of our City’s hotels informed by providing a forum to discuss key topics that affect them. It focuses on marketing opportunities, upcoming events, challenges, ADA compliance, city services, and policy issues (when necessary).

Consideration for Membership

Prospective council members must be current Chamber members and own, operate, or manage a hotel/motel property. Prospective council members can apply for openings of the council by notifying the Chamber office or Council Chair. Prospective membership will be brought to the full council for ratification of the potential new member. 


The Hotel Council meets quarterly, locations to be determined prior to the meeting. Meetings are typically held from 8:00 – 9:00 am.

Government Review Committee

The Mission of the Government Review Committee (GRC) is to provide a basis for the Chamber to act on local, state, and federal government issues, thus creating a favorable and profitable business climate.

The GRC reviews proposed legislation and issues which might have ramifications for local businesses.  The evaluation shall also take into account prior Chamber positions adopted by the Board of Directors.  The GRC makes recommendations, when appropriate, to the Board of Directors for the purpose of establishing official Chamber positions.  

The GRC is committed to the long-term economic success of our local business community.  The GRC works to improve the effectiveness of legislation and regulations which affect our business environment every day.  The GRC reviews the actions of our elected officials and advocates for public policies which improve the economic outlook for members of the Chamber.  

At GRC meetings, guest speakers with business and political expertise may address the concerns of GRC members and bring essential facts and insights about issues facing the entire Chamber membership.

If you are concerned about a government issue that is impacting your business, please let a member of the GRC know! 

Policy & Procedures of the Government Review Committee

  1. Mission Statement

The mission of this committee shall be to provide a basis for the Chamber to act on local, state, and federal government issues, thus creating a favorable and profitable business climate.

  1. Legislative Policy Platform (Guidelines)

To review any proposed legislation or issue which might have ramifications for local businesses. 

The Governmental Review Committee (“GRC”) of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, and those delegated to act on behalf the GRC, are empowered by the authority of the Board of Directors to take positions on relevant legislative matters without the formal approval of the full Board of Directors. If timing permits, positions on legislative matters may be referred for a direct vote of the Board of Directors, or via e-mails, fax or phone ballots.  In all cases, such actions should be guided by the legislative policy platform which follows:


  • Promote a business-friendly environment 
  • Attract new businesses 
  • Retain and extend the longevity of existing businesses 
  • Encourage job creation and growth 
  • Utilize government services efficiently
  • Promote privatization when reasonable
  • Reform of government regulations that are burdensome and the reduction of duplicative or duplicative government oversight 
  • Curtail frivolous litigation
  • Encourage a safer, more livable community

III. Composition

The committee shall consist of chamber members in good standing, representing different areas of expertise. Along with voting members (those who represent the Chamber at the Inland Empire Chamber Alliance), the committee will consist of additional non-voting members to serve in the capacity of advisors and informational resources. The committee is open to all Chamber members in good standing with the time and interest in government affairs and public policy. 

       Consideration for Membership

Prospective committee members must be current Chamber members and can apply for openings of the committee by notifying the Chamber office, Committee Chair, or by filling out the “GRC Prospective Member Questionnaire”. The GRG committee will select prospective candidates to fill specific categories/areas of work for the committee. 

  1. Attendance

The Governmental Review Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. in the Ayres Hotel meeting room. If a council member accumulates more than 4 absences a year, the member may be removed from the committee.

  1. Minutes

Minutes shall be kept of all GRC meetings by the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, or an assigned staff person and all recommendations shall be in writing.

  1. Quorum

A quorum will consist of those committee members in attendance at any regularly scheduled meeting.

Ambassador Committee

Purpose: Ambassadors are the backbone of the Chamber volunteer force. They act as the good will arm of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, pursuing the committee’s goal of representing the organization as an emissary. As the Chamber’s most visible representatives in the community, Ambassadors have the responsibility to project a positive image for the organization. The committee also plays a heavy role in improving member retention through increased engagement with new members.  

Commitment: Ambassadors, first and foremost, must be members in good standing. They are the hosts at many Chamber events and activities. They greet and introduce new members and guests to Chamber members, answer questions about membership and participation, and assist with registration/check-in and other activities as needed. Active attendance of committee meetings is mandatory as the list of new members to contact and welcome will be distributed in the meeting. Committee meetings are the third Thursday of each month at 8:00am. The location will be determined by the committee chair and ambassadors will be notified of meeting locations one week in advance. 

Active Ambassadors will:

  • Attend monthly committee meetings 
  • Attend, and represent the Chamber, at ribbon cuttings and grand openings
  • Conduct goodwill with new members. 
    • After a month, reach out to your assigned new member(s) and welcome them and check-in. 
    • 90 days before their renewal, also be sure to check-in and remind them to take advantage of benefits, attend events, etc. (you will not ask them to renew- the Chamber staff will handle that at the appropriate time)
    • Contacting and staying in touch with new members through the first year of membership (mentoring and helping them feel welcome)
    • Promoting only Chamber benefits and resources. Find out why they joined the Chamber and assist them in reaching that goal.  
    • Attend at least one Rise N’ Shine with a new member
  • Attend and participate in other Chamber events and programs when possible (such as Young Professionals Network programs, volunteering to help with events, attending a business to business program)
  • Serve as greeter/usher at the Installation and Awards Dinner and the State of the City Luncheon 


  • Opportunity for high-visibility networking
  • Recognition at various Chamber functions
  • Opportunity for consideration as a member of the Board of Directors

Eligibility to win Ambassador of the Year Award (which comes with a free renewal membership for your following year)