Current Issues

Dawn Rowe, 3rd District County Supervisor

On December 14, 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted new district boundaries as a result of population shifts from census data. While the 3rd District took on a lot of additional territory, expanding from 3,700 to nearly 10,000 square miles, Redlands will remain entirely in the district. This means Supervisor Rowe will continue to represent Redlands. 

Assemblyman James Ramos, 40th District

NAME OF BILL: AB 873 Child Welfare services: Indian Tribes – Chapter 284

SPONSOR: James Ramos

DESCRIPTION:  Existing law states that the State Department of Social Services may enter into agreement with a Native American Tribe when in regard to the welfare of a child. This bill would eliminate the cost to the tribe and ensure usage of federal funding. This would lift the financial healthcare burden placed on the tribe. 

STATUS: Chaptered

State Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, 23rd District

NAME OF BILL: SB 1427 County Grants Programs for Collaborative Courts and Reentry 

SPONSOR: Bogh, contact Scott Terrell (

DESCRIPTION: This bill would create two new programs to assist community members with mental illness or housing insecurity. One grant would help counties create or expand mental health and homeless courts, and the other grant would allow for counties to institute re-entry services for incarcerated individuals at risk of being homeless upon release. 

STATUS: In Senate Public Safety

Congressman Pete Aguilar, 31st District

NAME OF BILL: HR 7149 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Support Services Expansion Act

SPONSOR: Pete Aguilar

DESCRIPTION: This bill would increase annual funding cap for the Federal highway Administration’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Supportive Services to $25 million. This program provides training, assistance, and services to minority or woman owned businesses to compete for federally assisted highway project contracts. 

STATUS: Referred to the Subcommittee on Aviation as of 3/21/22

Other Legislation We’re Tracking