Redlands Rail Project (Arrow)

What are the plans?

  • The Redlands Passenger Rail Project is a transportation project from the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority that has been in the works since 2015
  • A complete renovation of the town’s early 1900s trolley system, it connects Redlands and San Bernardino through 5 stations stretching 9 miles, and it also connects a Metrolink train to Los Angeles
  • Federal funding amounts to a sum of $86 million, state sum of $164.6 million, local sum of $109.1 million, for a total of $359.7 million

How often will the train run?

  • During morning and afternoon peak commute hours, trains will operate every 30 minutes
  • During non-commute or off-peak hours, trains will operate every 60 minutes
  • Weekday and weekend service is planned to start at 5 a.m. and run until 10 p.m.
  • In addition to standard passenger rail service, the Metrolink Express train will be extended to serve the Redlands – Downtown Station with limited stop service to and from Los Angeles during the peak commute hours

Where the stations are:

  • San Bernardino – Downtown Station located at 599 W. Rialto Avenue in Downtown San Bernardino
  • San Bernardino – Tippecanoe Station, between Victoria Avenue and Hardt Street
  • Redlands – Esri Station, north of the intersection of Redlands Boulevard and New York Street across from the Esri campus in Redlands
  • Redlands – Downtown Station, north of the historic Redlands Santa Fe Depot, between Eureka and Orange Streets
  • Redlands – University Station at the University of Redlands at the south end of campus near North University Street

Why do we need it?

  • The population of Redlands continue to grow; this project allows for keeping everyone connected and easily able to get to areas of work, leisure, education, and healthcare in an eco-friendly way

What do the trains look like?

  • Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) will be utilized as a primary vehicle for this project
  • They are smaller, quieter, cheaper, and more efficient than standard locomotive haul engines
  • The next step is hydrogen powered Zero-Emission Multiple Units (ZEMUs) that will be a trailblazer in North America
  • Latest Estimate for Arrival: October 2022

  • 2022

    March: Arrow Diesel Multiple Units arrive for testing

    February: Initial testing begins

  • 2019

    A ceremony gave way into mainline construction – replacing all the tracks on the 9 mile line, rebuilding 5 bridges, and installing 24 grade crossings

  • 2018

    Beginnings of construction – utility relocation, moving sewer and pipelines

  • 2016

    Three Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) were ordered with an estimated delivery of 2021

  • 2015

    SBCTA envisioned reconnection of San Bernardino and Redlands with an outreach to Los Angeles, and this idea received Environmental Clearance early in the year

  • 1937

    The trolley system was abandoned

  • 1905

    Pacific Electric “Red Car” trolley system served a line from Redlands to Los Angeles

For more information call 877-55-SBCTA or e-mail Look up Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @goSBCTA. Click here to access a fact sheet.