Redlands Rail (Arrow)

When does the train begin?

Regular Service Begins October 24th, 2022

How often will the train run?

  • Weekday and weekend service starts at 5AM and runs until 10PM
  • During morning and afternoon peak commute hours, trains will operate every 30 minutes
  • During non-commute or off-peak hours, trains will operate every 60 minutes
  • 25 weekday round trips including one Express Train between Downtown Redlands and Downtown LA

How much will the train cost?

  • From Downtown Redlands –Downtown San Bernardino:
    • $3.50 (one-way) or $7.00 (round-trip)/ $98.00 (monthly pass)
  • From Downtown Redlands –Downtown LA:
    • $10.50 (one-way) / $294.00 (monthly pass)
  • All regular Metrolink tickets and passes available
    • Purchase on Metrolink mobile app or at any ticket kiosk
    • Weekend passes are available for $10.00

What are the plans?

  • 9 miles of new track, 4 new stations
  • The Redlands Passenger Rail Project is a transportation project from the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority that has been in the works since 2015
  • A complete renovation of the town’s early 1900s trolley system, it connects Redlands and San Bernardino through 5 stations stretching 9 miles, and it also connects a Metrolink train to Los Angeles

Where the stations are:

  • San Bernardino – Downtown Station located at 599 W. Rialto Avenue in Downtown San Bernardino
  • San Bernardino – Tippecanoe Station, between Victoria Avenue and Hardt Street
  • Redlands – Esri Station, north of the intersection of Redlands Boulevard and New York Street across from the Esri campus
  • Redlands – Downtown Station, north of the historic Redlands Santa Fe Depot, between Eureka and Orange Streets
  • Redlands – University Station at the University of Redlands at the south end of campus near North University Street

Why do we need it?

  • The population of Redlands continue to grow; this project allows for keeping everyone connected and easily able to get to areas of work, leisure, education, and healthcare in an eco-friendly way


March: Arrow Diesel Multiple Units arrive for testing

February: Initial testing begins


A ceremony gave way into mainline construction – replacing all the tracks on the 9 mile line, rebuilding 5 bridges, and installing 24 grade crossings


Beginnings of construction – utility relocation, moving sewer and pipelines


Three Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) were ordered with an estimated delivery of 2021


SBCTA envisioned reconnection of San Bernardino and Redlands with an outreach to Los Angeles, and this idea received Environmental Clearance early in the year


The trolley system was abandoned


Pacific Electric “Red Car” trolley system served a line from Redlands to Los Angeles

What do the trains look like?

  • Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) will be utilized as a primary vehicle for this project
  • They are smaller, quieter, cheaper, and more efficient than standard locomotive haul engines
  • The next step is hydrogen powered Zero-Emission Multiple Units (ZEMUs) that will be a trailblazer in North America

For more information call 877-55-SBCTA or e-mail