SB 1186 moves out of Judiciary Committee

With passionate pleas from both support and opposition of Senators Steinberg and Dutton’s ADA bill, the Senate Judiciary Committee moved SB 1186 forward with guarded concern that both senators commit to work to clarify the bill.

The rewrite of the bill withdrew the language of “cure” for the businesses hit with demand letters from attorneys and plaintiffs looking to score easy money through bullying tactics. It does provide a 30 day notice of alleged accessibility violation that may be a basis for a damages claim prior to filing any claim in state or federal court; but, prohibits a demand for money or receiving any payment settlement.  It also provides that commercial property owners notify tenants if the leasing property has been inspected by a certified access specialist.

Both Senators agreed that there is considerable work to be done to flesh out the details and identify the specific needed to protect both the business community and disabled community. But, allowing the bill the opportunity to move beyond the Judiciary Committee opens the door for input from all concerned.

The efforts of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, Government Review Committee helped to heighten the awareness of the seriousness of the issue. Meeting with Senator Feinstein (D) was a critical component in that effort that caused a significant letter to be sent to Senator Steinberg (D) resulting in his reaching out to Senator Bob Dutton (R) who graciously stepped across the aisle to join forces to address this by-partisan issue.

The Chamber will continue to work with both senators and monitor the progress of the bill to insure that the advancement made recently does not end here but continues to push forward.

MAY 2012 – City Council dismisses the business community on 3-2 vote

            May Day, 2012, the Redlands City Council, voted to silence the business community by adopting a resolution to urge Congress’ to amend the State and Federal constitutions to end “Corporate Personhood”.

            Mayor Pete Aguilar, Council Member Bob Gardner and Council Member Jon Harrison voted to support the Occupy Redlands group to not only dismiss the value of the opinion of corporations, but further added special interest groups and associations to the list. The argument was the body (of the corporation or association) was not a person but most certainly it is made up of people; people with an opinion, a voice and a right to be heard.

            Speakers at the council meeting, the Chamber included that opposed the resolution, pleaded with Council Members to realize the significance of the action they were considering, noting first that while the original movement was targeting behemoth corporations funneling mega money into political campaigns, the outcome of the resolution they were now considering would have far reaching implications for small businesses and now special interest groups and associations.

            Even more significant was the question of relevance. City Council, State and Federal Constitutional law are light years apart, well above pay grade and have no businesses on the local dais. A precedent has been established and every “special interest group” will come before Council looking for support for whatever project they have adopted and need protection from or for. Now that Council has deemed “special interest” a non entity will they be heard?

            Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster and Council Member Jerry Bean soundly opposed the resolution noting its errant message, and dismissive regard for the business community and the people in it. They are to be commended for their bravery. It would have been easier to cave in the face of a crowd demanding than stand tall for what is fair and equitable for all. 




MAY 2012 – Senator Bob Dutton and Senator Steinberg rewrite SB 1186

          Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) has joined with Senator Bob Dutton as an author for Senate Bill 1186 in an effort to help California businesses comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) without facing the threat of a lawsuit.

            “Senator Steinberg and I have had some very extensive talks about this issue of predatory lawsuits, which are being filed under theADA. Both of us agree that this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed,” Senator Dutton said. “I’m hopeful we’ll be able to finally fix this problem that has plagued thousands of small businesses throughoutCalifornia, while at the same time protect the rights of the disabled community.”

            Senator Dutton called the current version of SB 1186 a work-in-progress. The bill will be amended during the next four months before a vote of the final version of the bill is taken. While the newest version of the bill does not allow for a “fix it” approach to businesses served with demands, it is a small step forward in the battle. The bill’s first hearing is set for May 8 in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

            The current legislation aims to look at a multitude of possible solutions to reduce litigation and improve compliance.  These options, among many, include improving our CASp program and education efforts. They also include examining whether it would be sound policy to allow certain businesses an opportunity to correct a minor violation of a physical accessibility requirement where that violation does not actually impede access.  

            “I’m glad that there is an opportunity to work with Senator Steinberg in a bi-partisan manner to help solve this serious problem,” Senator Dutton said. “Both of us agree that no disabled person should ever be denied access to a business. We both also see that there are predatory lawyers who are taking advantage of the ADA to prey onCaliforniasmall businesses, who are struggling to survive during these tough economic times. Senator Steinberg and I are both committed to working in the coming months to craft a final version of this legislation that protects both the handicapped community and businesses in California.”



MAY 2012 – President’s Article by Paul Barich

            Business owners, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with regard to the ADA serial law suit nightmare.  Senate Bill 1186 is being introduced next week up in Sacramento(What’s New?).  This time it has been co authored by President Pro Tem Steinberg (D) and Senator Bob Dutton (R).  With bipartisan support we may have a chance of making some headway in legislative action to combat the attack on businesses throughout the State.  The Redlands Chamber of Commerce is still listed as one of the co-sponsors. This is a perfect example of your Chamber at work protecting not only local (in this case) state wide business interests. Good job Kathie and committee.

            The Shop Redlands campaign continues to be a success and is growing month to month. More and more shoppers are participating by bringing in receipts to the Chamber office and participating in the drawing for amazing gifts provided by Chamber members. Shop Redlands First posters will be available soon to put display your businesses, check with the chamber if you would like to help promote the Shop Redlands program by showcasing a poster in your window.

            The Redlands Chamber Cruisin’ Cuisine will be on Friday May 18th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Here is your chance to savor local restaurants very best fare so gather up your friends for a great Friday evening in beautiful downtown Redlands (All this fun for only $35 for chamber member $45 for non-member) and call the Chamber office for your tickets, 793-2546, only a limited number of tickets are available.   

            Have a productive, successful month and….. Remember Shop Redlands First.

MAY 2012 – Redlands Chamber announces another Shop Redlands winner

     Congratulations to Sandi Teel, the lucky winner of the Shop Redlands, April, $100 Visa Card provided by Jim Walling at Inland Community Bank. The month of May’s Shop Redlands prize is a $100 pre paid Cash Card sponsored by Maupin Financial Services, brought to you by Dave Maupin.

     Bring in your shopping receipts from chamber members or local businesses and be eligible for the drawing that will be held the last day of April. By shopping at chamber members you will receive two tickets for the drawing, non member receipts qualify you for one ticket. The member directory can be found on the Chamber’s website at The receipts must be $25 or more.

      Once again congratulations to Sandi Teel, and thank you to Inland Community Bank, Here we go again …… let’s get shopping inRedlands!

MAY 2012 – Chamber’s Cruisin’ Cuisine is coasting into town

     It’s time for fun, food and friends at the annual Redlands Chamber Cruisin’ Cuisine, sponsored by Beaver Medical Group, a tasty way to treat yourself and your guest to the savory delights of Redlands without tracking down a truck or needing a smart phone app. On Friday, May 18, ten restaurants will offer a gastronomic experience to guests as they stroll from one establishment to another in downtown sampling specialties, delighting in sophisticated tastes and nibbling signature dishes.  This year delicacies will be available from; Muffin Top Bakery, Wild Rocket, Hundehaus, The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe, Oscars Mexican Restaurant, Briskets Restaurant & Deli, Joe Greensleeves, Farm Artisan Foods, and Kidough’s Bakery.  

            Check in will begin at 5:30 at the Chamber office where guests with a purchased a ticket will pick up wristband, a map and passport to each of the participating restaurants, then off they go to taste and test to their hearts delight. At each restaurant they will have the host sign their passport that will then make them eligible for a drawing at the end of the evening. The grand prize is an Apple Ipad. For restaurants not located in downtown Redlands host businesses will partner with them allowing use of facility providing both with great exposure.

            “This is a great avenue to promote our local restaurants” said Paul Barich, Chamber President. “We asked a number of our downtown businesses to host restaurants that are housed outside the immediate downtown area. We want to drive people to downtown and showcase our unique restaurants. There is no place better in the Inland Empire to spend an evening out thanRedlands”

            Tickets for the event are $35 per person and are limited. To purchase your tickets or for more information about Redlands Chamber Cruisin’ Cuisine call 793-2546.


MAY 2012 – Chamber Members Renewing

Linda Hamrick
Beaumont,CA 92223
Phone:  562-355-0353
506W. Colton Avenue
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  238-5149
Bob Beeman
255 Terracina Blvd, Suite 103
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-2300
Loraine Ragsdale
206 Orange Street
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  798-7150
Mike and K G Ardabili
1083W. Park Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  307-0944
Dianne Burgeson
620 Tennessee Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-3685
Barbara Garcia
128 E. State Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-8080
Dan Kaiser
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  747-5296
Robyn Murray and Rebecca Beall
122 Cajon Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-4141
Mike Cauthron
221 Brookside Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2353
Dan Carlone
234 North “D” Street
San Bernardino,CA 92401
Phone:  386-1828
John Prentice
1839W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2406
Terry Harmon
703 Brookside Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2316
Jeff Sceranka
300 E. State Street, Suite 230
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-3803
Cheryl Evans
101 South 6th Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-1991
David Felix
1676 Plum Lane
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  798-4477
Scott Reynolds
300 E. State Street, Suite 450
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  798-3190
Tamara Kawas
1426 Industrial Park
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  793-7400
Bruce Heinrich, DDS & Marcus Paulson, DDS MS
219 Cajon Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2603
Bill Rhetts
P. O. Box8668
Redlands,CA 92375
Phone:  792-0999
Pamela Morris
1430 E. Cooley #120
Colton,CA 92324
Phone:  370-0343
Kevin Barrett
1145 E. Orange Show Road, Suite K
San Bernardino,CA 92408
Phone:  796-1500
Laurie Shumate
Riverside,CA 92506
Phone:  714-875-5334
Ellen Weiss
4W. Redlands Blvd, Second Floor
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-8919
Dave Marvin
1655 Industrial Park
Redlands, Ca  92374
Phone:  793-3377
Milt Miner
405 E. Citrus Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-8117
Dale Williams
521 Wellwood Avenue
Beaumont,CA 92223
Phone:  793-1001
Liz Sillers
700 New York Street
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  793-4403
Paul Prado
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  816-0318
James Holmes
350 Terracina Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  335-5500
Betty Rivero
1749 Garden Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2661
George Poli
2054W. Redlands Blvd, Suite E-1
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-8393
Steve Rojas
1121W. Colton Avenue
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  793-3211
Bill Conway
P. O. Box784
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  798-7600
Jim Rock
P. O. Box110
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  287-5139
Ralph Feller
131 Cajon Street, Suite 5
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  798-0953
Ali Arciniega
1706 Plum Lane, Suite 103
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  335-8565
Bill Solberg
401 Brookside Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-2188
Harry Hylkema
520 E. Stuart
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  792-3681
Kerry Spelman
214 E. Olive Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  307-0616
Christine O’Hagan
Redlands, Ca  92373
Phone:  226-2916
Tom Bell
Redlands,CA  92373
Phone:  793-2681
Marvin Hudson
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  335-7100

MAY 2012 – New Chamber Members, May 2012

Emile Maamari
233 E. State Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-9911
Web Site:
Cathy Mahle
1481 Ford Street, Suite 101
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-4326   Fax:  793-4339
Web Site:

May 2012 – Community Bank, their roots are in customer service

     For over sixty five years, Community Bank has provided the communities of Southern California with the financial services they need. But more than that, they have committed to giving each customer the kind of responsive, personal attention that really makes a difference.

            Over the years, Community Bank has grown to include 16 banking centers with assets of over $2.6 billion. Since their inception, they have focused on serving small and mid-sized businesses. They feel uniquely qualified to meet their customers’ business challenges, because as a middle-market company they face the same issues each day.

            At Community Bank, you can always expect friendly, personal care and a full range of business banking services, from checking accounts and equipment loans to comprehensive services such as letters of credit, the financing of foreign receivables, or lending to an ESOP.

            Community Bank is committed to serving the communities in which they live, work and do business. They feel strongly about establishing partnerships with organizations, businesses and individuals within their communities and the surrounding neighborhood. Their philosophy of local involvement is demonstrated at the corporate level and further expressed in the time and energy our employees devote each year to community service activities.

            Community Bank has dedicated a full-time bank officer committed to expanding community involvement. By working with under-served communities inSouthern California, they are helping them gain access to capital for their business operations.

     They also invest in their communities by providing loans to nonprofit organizations and by making charitable contributions and investments with a focus on affordable housing, financial literacy and economic development.

            To help broaden the base of economic growth, they participate in loan programs offered by local community development corporations or community development financial institutions like the California Economic Development Lending Initiative, the Southern California Reinvestment CDFI, California Community Reinvestment Corporation, and other similar organizations that offer micro and small business loans to borrowers who are unable to qualify for conventional financing.

            Community Bank is the home of Partnership Banking. To learn more about Community Bank visit Everett Thompson, and his team at the local Redlandsbranch at 200 E. Citrus Avenue or log on to



May 2012 – Coldwell Banker Commercial Lazar & Associates

Coldwell Banker Commercial Lazar & Associates offering expertise and extraordinary value for more than 30 years

            If you’re looking to planning the development of land, are a landlord or tenant in need of representation or negotiation assistance, want to purchase or sell commercial real estate, or in need of property management services in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, then Coldwell Banker Commercial Lazar & Associates is the one stop “shop” for you.

            Coldwell Banker Commercial Lazar & Associates is a full service commercial real estate company specializing in retail properties, industrial investments, land investments, or offices located in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, including portions of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, in cities such as San Bernardino, Fontana, Riverside, Highland, Loma Linda and Yucaipa to mention a few.

            The Inland Empireconsists of several cities with a large growth area and is close to more than 4,000,000 in resident population.  The Inland Empire includes portions of San Bernardino and Riverside counties and incorporates such notable cities as San Bernardino,Riverside,Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga,Corona,Fontana,Colton,Rialto,Bloomington,Highland, Loma Linda,Redlands, Yucaipa,Beaumont, Banning, Calimesa, Mira Loma and Grand Terrace.  It is the third most populous metropolitan are inCalifornia, and the fourteenth most populous metropolitan area in theUnited States.

            The team at Coldwell Banker Commercial Lazar & Associate is expert in commercial real estate providing proficiency in all disciplines of commercial real estate including office, retail, industrial and land investments.

They help clients with:

  • Property Development & Management Services
  • Landlord & Tenant Representation/Lease Negotiation
  • Strategic Planning & Positioning for Commercial Real Estate Asset
  • The Purchase & Sale of commercial properties including complete analysis and assessment of communities to fit the client’s needs.

            Since 1979 Coldwell Banker Commercial Lazar & Associates have served theInland Empirewith outside the box thinking creating extraordinary value for their customers forging long standing relationships based on trust and performance.

            To learn more about CB Commercial Lazar & Associates call owner Rick Lazar at 793-3600 or visit the website at