MAR 2012 – President’s Article by Paul Barich

            We are batting 1000! We had our first winner of our Shop Redlands program in February.  With over 200 hundred entries the winner of a $100 Gift Certificate to Joe Greensleeves was Henrik Porte. Next month the prize will be a $100 gas card donation by Big Mike’s Rooter and Plumbing, so get those receipts into the chamber office.

        The U. S. Post Office Distribution Center, located onRedlands Boulevardwill not close down saving more than 750 jobs.  Your chamber put a lot of time and effort lobbying the decision makers to keep the facility open and it worked. Our thanks to our local legislators that responded so quickly to help plead the case.   

        The Chamber will be offering a free seminar ($25 for non-member) outline the new ERISA Guide line for the 401k plan and other retirement plans.  The new rules have some heavy fines attached for non-compliance.  If you own a business or a trust for a retirement plan I would strongly suggest you to attend. Lunch will be provided. The seminar is scheduled for, Thursday, March 22, at noon at our chamber office.

        Thanks to all our members for their continued support and remember shopRedlandsand win.



MAR 2012 – Senator Bob Dutton introduces ADA “Fix it” Bill SB 1186 in Redlands

      On a recent visit toRedlandsSenator Bob Dutton announced Senate Bill 1186, theADA“Fix it” bill he has authored and the Redlands Chamber of Commerce has sponsored.

        The bill will allow business and property owners who have received letters of demand for payment of fees and damages from disreputable attorneys noting small infractions of theADAcode, an opportunity to correct the infraction and comply with the code within 90 days without the fear of legal action or extorted payments. 

        The bill will be reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee in April. It is imperative that committee members move the bill on to the floor where it can be voted on by the whole legislative body.

        In June of 2010 a similar bill, introduced by Senator Dutton, and again sponsored by the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, was stopped in committee on party lines given no chance to be heard on the floor. Committee Senators Mark Leno (D), Ellen Corbett (D), and Noreen Evans (D) did not see the merit of moving the bill forward and helping the small businesses inCaliforniaput a stop to predatory lawsuits that have been plaguing them for years.

        This time a strategic effort has been orchestrated to educate the Senators as well as their peers demonstrating the magnitude of the problem, the non partisan solution and the collaborative results that benefit both the business and disabled communities alike.


MAR 2012 – Chamber brings back Cruisin’ Cuisine ….

      The Chamber is bringing back a fun filled tasty way to treat yourself and your friends to the savory delights of Redlands without tracking down a truck or needing a smart phone app. Friday, May 18, ten restaurants will offer gastronomic experiences to guests as they stroll from one establishment to another in downtown sampling specialties, delighting in sophisticated tastes and nibbling signature dishes.          

          Checking will begin at 4:30 at the Chamber office where guests with a purchased a ticket that will pick up a wrist band, a map and passport to each of the participating restaurants, then off they go to taste and test to their hearts delight. At each restaurant they will have the host sign their passport that will then make them eligible for a drawing at the end of the evening. For restaurants not located in downtownRedlandshost businesses will partner with them allowing use of facility providing both with great exposure.

          “We launched this event last year to rave reviews” said Paul Barich, Chamber President. “We want to drive people to downtown and showcase our unique restaurants. There is no place better in the Inland Empire to spend an evening out thanRedlands. It plays to our Shop Redlands program and showcases our wonderful restaurants.”

          Tickets for the event are $35 per person and are limited. To purchase your tickets or for more information about Redlands Chamber Cruisin’ Cuisine call 793-2546.

MAR 2012 – Redlands Chamber of Commerce President’s Circle Members

ALTA VISTA CREDIT UNION                                 Alan Ricard
ARROW STAFFING                                                       Jeff Thalmayer
BARICH & ASSOCIATES                                               Paul Barich
EADIE & PAYNE, LLP                                                    David Thayer
EMERSON & FARRAR                                                     Paul Emerson
ENTERPRISE FUNDING CORP                                    Jeff Sceranka
GREGORY BRITTAIN, ATTORNEY                           Gregory Brittain
KRIKORIAN PREMIERE THEATRES                        Peter Lehmann
MAUPIN FINANCIAL SERVICES                               Dave Maupin
PAUL W. FOSTER                                                               Paul W. Foster
REDLANDS BLUEPRINT CO                                            Daney Bachiu
REDLANDSCOUPON MAGAZINE &                              Raymond Tottten
UNIVERSITYOFREDLANDS                                           Jennifer Dobbs
YUCAIPANEWS MIRROR & HIGHLAND                   Toebe Bush
 BEAVER MEDICAL GROUP                                  Marianne Baldwin
STORAGEWEST                                                         Brina& Mike Limon

MAR 2012 – Chamber announces first Shop Redlands winner

Congratulations to Hendrik Porte, the lucky winner of the Shop Redlands, February, $100 gift certificate to Joe Greensleeves Restaurant provided by Barich and Associates.

          The March, Shop Redlands gift, a $100 Gas card is provided by Big Mike’s Rooter & Plumbing Co.

        Bring in your shopping receipts from chamber members or local businesses and be eligible for the drawing that will be held the last day of March. By shopping at chamber member you will receive two tickets for the drawing, non member receipts qualify you for one ticket. The member directory can be found on the Chamber’s website at The receipts must be valued at $25 or more.

        Once again congratulations to Hendrik Porte, thank you to Barich and Associates, here we go again so …… let’s get shopping

MAR 2012 – Assemblyman Mike Morrell to host ADA compliance seminar at Redlands Chamber

Protecting Businesses from frivolous ADA Lawsuits

                  Assemblyman Mike Morrell in coordination with the Redlands Chamber of Commerce is set to host an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance seminar featuring keynote speaker Kim Stone, President of the Civil Justice Association of California. The Seminar is scheduled for Friday, March 16th, 7:30 – 9:00 AM at the Chamber office, 1 E Redlands Blvd.
        “The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law with the intention to promote a good faith effort on the part of business owners to make their businesses reasonably accessible to the disabled.  This is not only good for business but the right thing to do,” stated Morrell. “Unfortunately due to loopholes in the law, predatory attorneys have targeted small and large business owners in search of minor violations in order to cash in on legal fines for a big payout.  This seminar is designed to hopefully help small businesses protect themselves from being targeted.”
        Legislation has recently been authored (AB 1878, B. Gaines and SB 1186, Dutton) to protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits and provide businesses an opportunity to remedy any problems.  These bills offer a viable solution to minimize collateral damage brought on by frivolousADA lawsuits while protecting well-intentioned business owners.

        For Reservations call, Assemblyman Morrell’s office at, 909-466-9096

MAR 2012 – City News by Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster

      I am pleased to report that local merchants are excited about a budding campaign to improve the curb appeal of the City’s downtown and brand the area as a safe, family friendly shopping, dining and entertainment destination.

        At our Feb. 21 meeting, the City Council approved efforts to improve and expand Market Night events and related improvements downtown. Following that meeting, City Manager Enrique Martinez and I, along with staff from the City’s Development Services Department, met informally with a focus group of downtown business owners to discuss goals, objectives and programs to support and expand the downtown business area and solicit participation by local merchants.

        The ultimate goal is to attract shoppers and bring in new business as well as retain those businesses currently in the downtown.

        The program envisions a sparkling and vibrant downtown, beginning at the downtown freeway off-ramps and including enhanced landscaping and new distinctive gateway and way-finding signs. Merchants suggested carrying the orange crate planter theme atOrangeandPearlthroughout the downtown, including monuments and way-finding signs.

        A plan to move Market Night vendors to alternate sides ofState Streetto garner more local business participation and encourage local businesses to keep their stores open during the event was also presented. Staff also announced three community events that will take place over the next three months: a wine tasting, a chili cook-off, and a gourmet mobile food truck event.

        The business participants were enthusiastic about the proposals and offered suggestions for improving the downtown curb appeal. Out of the suggestions, three top priorities were identified. 

  • Entryway landscaping improvements
  • Up-lighting trees onState Street
  • Orange crate themed signs

        City staff will conduct additional informal outreach efforts with the business community on March 15 and March 29.

        As these efforts move forward we will continue to keep you fully informed. Any constructive comments would be most welcomed!!!  


MAR 2012 – Glenn Goodwin & Associates providing personal attention and buying power

Glenn Goodwin & Associates has the ability to shop from among the nation’s biggest and most prestigious insurers, providing clients the best products at the lowest rates. That’s because Glenn Goodwin has joined forces with otherCaliforniaagencies to create a “cluster group” that creates the buying power necessary to get the best deals. At the same time they remain the same local agent who knows their clients, understands their businesses and are able to provide them the coverage that suits them best.

        The nation’s largest insurance carriers want to work with agents that can send them a lot of business. That leaves out many small agencies. However, Glenn Goodwin & Associates has joined forces with other agencies throughout the state to create a single entity with exceptional buying power, an entity that the big insurers want to do business with. That means that while you still get the individual attention you’d expect from your local insurance agency, you get the buying power of a big agency, that buying power means better products and the very best rates in the industry.

        Your business needs an insurance agency that’s willing to become fully educated about what you do. Larger agents don’t have the time to devote to one client’s business.

But Glenn Goodwin & Associates makes it a point to understand the specifics of your

business, your location and your industry, so that they can make the best

recommendations about the coverage you need. They take the time to understand

your business and its needs as well as understand the insurance industry. So,

even though you may not know exactly what you need, they do. They’ll make sure that

your insurance has you covered everywhere you need to be.

        For your personal needs Glenn Goodwin & Associates realizes that you have a lot invested in your home and that you wouldn’t want to lose it. They also understand that you want to keep monthly expenses manageable. They will work withAmerica’s leading insurance carriers to get you the coverage you need to protect your home from Fire, Theft, Flood or Earthquake, 3rd party liability and personal article floaters.

        For any of your insurance needs call Glenn Goodwin & Associates at 909 793-8118 or log in at for more information.


MAR 2012 – American Business Concepts your catalyst for converting action into profitable results

American Business Concepts has helped clients save millions of dollars to meet their operating challenges and change faster than their marketplace and competition. They have a proven track record of helping clients increase revenue, reduce costs improve processes and lead change. Their staff can be your extra pair of hands and the catalyst for finding solutions to the challenges you face in running a profitable business. 

        At ABC they use a four part process that focuses upon the key areas of your business. From this framework they strive to understand your business from the outside-in

Players (customers): “What can you do to expand the quality of your customer base?”

Plans: “What can you do to reduce costs and eliminate bottlenecks to become more competitive?”
Processes: “What are the most effective ways to improve quality while still making a profit?”
People: “How can you get your people more actively involved with creative solutions and ideas?”

        The solutions to these tough questions are usually found within the organization. First, they focus on management: helping develop dashboard systems that provide feedback on measures critical to company success. Second, is through leadership training: bringing out the best in the only infinite resource—People!
        Their structured approach produces dramatic results through 4 simple concepts:

Inspire: They help the leadership create a Vision and Strategy Statement regarding the future of the company. Working as a team with management, they provide assessments that enable the company to hire people who are attracted to the vision and values. Finally, they help you develop activity “scorecards” that recognize and reward employees who achieve expectations.

Simplify: They map processes and systems critical to the organization and keep only the steps required by the customers or regulators. The object is to help eliminate anything that isn’t necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Your ability to eliminate waste and rework is a key step in profitability enhancement.

Perfect: Using six sigma techniques, they help you bring costly mistakes under control. They have a track record of reducing scrap, rework, mistakes and most importantly increasing profit.

Reward: They help develop a “dashboard” that allows you to monitor and minimize process mistakes that cost time, money, quality, morale, and customer satisfaction. Then they help implement a reward system that will provide a self-scoring system for each job.

        ABC can’t change the world, but they can help you save money and provide the expertise, and resources needed to move your organization in a profitable direction. They offer a no obligation two-hour session to better understand your issues and challenges. Your success is our focus and together, they can make a difference. Please call, e-mail, or visit us at:

MAR 2012 – The Redlands Chamber is proud to welcome new Chamber members;

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