NOV 2013 – City News by Council Member Jon Harrison

We’ve always known it, but it seems now the rest of the country is in on the secret. Redlands is one of the best places there is to live.

This month, the City of Redlands was named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live by, a national website that ranks quality of life amenities of America’s small and mid-sized cities. produces monthly lists of the top college towns, foodie towns, spring break destinations and others. But this is the first year that the website has produced a list of the Best Places to Live and Redlands made the list right out of the gate.

To produce its inaugural list of Top 100 Best Places to Live, partnered with Richard Florida’s Martin Prosperity Institute, a think tank specializing on the role of location, place, and city-regions in global economic prosperity, to conduct a months-long study of more than 1,700 U.S. cities and the factors that make them the best places to live, work and play.

The data collected for the ranking were weighted based on an exclusive survey conducted for Livability by Ipsos Public Affairs, a leading global market research firm. Respondents were asked about factors that make their communities better places to live, as well as the factors they would consider in selecting another city. Those factors were narrowed down to eight categories – economics, housing, amenities, infrastructure, demographics, social and civic capital, education and healthcare – that were used to determine each city’s LivScore.

Livability also used data from Esri to measure things like crime, voter participation, the amount of time people spend partaking in community activities and church membership. Cities with low crime and high involvement scored best. The average score across all the cities measured was 49.

Redlands ranked high for education and demographics.

See the entire list at

NOV 2013 – Krikorian Discounted Movie Tickets Available at the Chamber Office

As the cost of just about everything continues to rise, one of the added values of Chamber membership is the ability to escape into the world of movie magic at discounted prices. In partnership with Krikorian Theatres the Redlands Chamber offers discounted tickets to members providing substantial savings when it’s time to go to the movies.

Whether the tickets are used for personal enjoyment or as an incentive for customers or employees, they are a terrific reward for a job well done or a gift for customer loyalty.

Tickets are available at the Chamber office for members only during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM (closed 12 –1). Each ticket is $8.00 each (Cash or Check Only Please). For large orders call in advance to insure there are adequate tickets available. (909) 793-2546

Discounted movie tickets; another benefit of chamber membership!!

NOV 2013 – The Night Light Run is just what you need to de-stress

Look we all know the holidays have not only arrived too soon but they got here on the tail of a meteor and it slammed right smack dab into our lives unannounced!  I’m convinced that we skipped a month or two this year I just haven’t figured out which ones.  I keep asking my friends at the PD to put out an APB or BOLO or WDIG to assist in recovering the time that will help to de-stress  the situation at hand but alas it seems there are higher priorities.

So we at the Chamber have come up with the next best thing – the answer to de-stressing !

It’s FUN! The fun we have on tap is the 5K NIGHT LIGHT RUN, Saturday, December 14, 6 PM in Downtown Redlands.

It’s absolutely impossible not to enjoy yourself, your friends, your family and even strangers when you are totally decked out in neon gear, glowing with LED lights, glow sticks, bracelets head gear and face paint. You can’t worry about what you haven’t baked, bought, wrapped, mailed, mulled or brined there is just no way.

And the best part, you don’t even have to RUN, no sir, you can walk, skip, stroll, meander, push the kids in strollers, or pull them in wagons. If you really want to run I suppose you can but sadly the fun would be over way to fast so I recommend you just don’t do it!

The light show at the start/finish line will be will dazzle the senses. The music will be positively rocking, guaranteed to get the juices flowing so we really will be able to make it through the “season”. And when the run is over you can join the revelers and visit the local downtown businesses to recap every step of the race, show off your original couture and discuss how ridiculous the guy at the next table looks.

Be a part of the fun, register on line a or stop by the chamber office and register in person and get an early bird, smart person discount.

We’ll get you started on your race outfit by providing a T-shirt necklace, bracelet and ears or glasses, the rest is only limited by your own imagination.

For more information log on to or call the chamber office at 793-2546.

NOV 2013 – Chamber Board Plans Future at Strategic Planning Meeting

Each year the Chamber Board of Directors, under the direction of the incoming president, convenes to develop a plan of action for the coming years.

President Elect Geoff Bonney, Bonney Architects, recently gathered the organization’s leaders and charged them with the task of creating the goals that would not only serve the membership but the business community at large.

In these very challenging times directors were tasked with projecting into the future to determine what programs stay and grow and what should be discontinued.

Directors reviewed a lengthy list of advocacy programs, networking opportunities, troubleshooting, business promotions, fundraising plans and membership development, that occurred in this calendar year assessing their significance to the core competencies of the organization and discussed the continuation of each.

As the needs of the business community changes so does the direction of the chamber. Members rely more and more on the organization to keep them informed, lobby on their behalf and act in a timely fashion when facing critical issues at the local, state and federal levels of government.

A sound and healthy business community is the foundation to a prosperous and vigorous city. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Redlands Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting a well managed program that partners with businesses small and large, the city, and regional neighbors to help insure the ongoing success of our community.

Chamber directors are listening carefully to members, bringing issues to the table and addressing concerns with quick action and thoughtful decisions. Maintaining and growing a strong customer base, looking at every opportunity to generate on going revenue streams for our members, the business community and the city, is of critical importance to the Chamber. Providing opportunities to network, to meet and discuss common issues and goal, at informal gatherings, is a focus that remains essential to the program.

The Chamber continues to seek real value for members including new programs that will be rolled out the first of the year allowing e-blasts, web access to members only and sound programs that meet the ever demanding needs of the members. Through a reasonable, sustainable plan of action the Redlands Chamber will continue to represent the voice of the business community with a focus on success and prosperity in the immediate and long term future of the city.

NOV 2013 – A Year to Remember

It has been a year to remember, a year of extraordinary celebrations, souvenirs and keepsakes; of special events and once in a life time memories. We need to extend a great big thank you to Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster and his team of gladiators who served on the 125th Anniversary Committee for making it a spectacular year for those of us in Redlands. While a typical year in Redlands is bursting with events and activities, this year was aglow as each organization embraced the City’s anniversary and added to the celebration. Every affair was a little more brilliant, a little more dazzling because it was the 125th Anniversary and of course there was the ever present anniversary seal that reminded us all we in Redlands have something to be very proud of, we are 125 years old!

With the generous support of sponsors including the Kiwanis Club of Redlands (Noon), the University of Redlands, Eadie and Payne, LLP; Jean Showalter, State Farm Insurance; L&L Environmental Inc., Gary T. Wuchnich DDS MS; Rotary Club of Redlands; and Arrowhead Orthopedics, the city was blanketed with banners, posters and accessories announcing the next event, activity or project.

One of the most remarkable undertakings of the entire community in honor of the 125th celebration was to “build a park in a day” and it happened on April 27 when more than 2000 community volunteers arrived at the corner of Nevada and Orange Streets at the crack of dawn. By days end Redlands had a brand new park to add to its inventory that includes 18 acres of trails, an amphitheater, a Native American “village,” an ethno-botanical and water-conservation demonstration garden, a Zanja reconstruction area, an archeological dig, a vineyard, a replicated water wheel and a citrus grove, truly an amazing achievement all in a day.

The committee, Linda Apmadac, Carole Beswick, Char Burgess, Kyle Cummings, Jennifer Dobbs, Bill Hatfield, Marvin Hudson, Rose Palmer, Myra Patterson, Mario Saucedo, Shelli Stockton, Nelda Stuck and Neal Waner are all to be congratulated on an outstanding job. Their creativity, time, effort and devotion have paid off. Our sincere thanks to all of them and their leader, Paul Foster, for taking on the challenge and exceeding expectations.  From parades to dinners, from original musical productions to merchant participation, to the pride we all feel when we tell others that we are from Redlands, this city continually proves to be an outstanding community and the 125th Anniversary Celebration has reminded us just how amazing Redlands is.  This is one anniversary we will never forget!

NOV 2013 – President’s Article by Daney Bachiu

November, the beginning of the Holiday Season with all it’s concerts, parties, pageants, get-togethers, cookie exchanges, church services, mixers, tree trimming, house cleaning,  decorating, and gift giving. Add to all the usual holiday hullabaloo, the culmination of Redlands 125th Anniversary celebrations and you have one very busy schedule. Whew, makes one tired just thinking about all of it. So get out a good pair of running shoes not only for the “Holiday Sprint” but also The Chamber Night Light Run on December 14th.

I have been a part of many Redlands Chamber of Commerce fund raising debuts, The Chili Cook-off, The Mystery Dinners, The Air Show, A Night of Oscars, and Redlands Chamber Live.  It is always nerve racking the first time out sailing unchartered waters.  Some of these events were short lived, only around for a few years, but some were around for 20 years or more (Chili Cook-off, & Redlands Chamber Live).  You can help our latest endeavor be a stunning success by getting the word out especially to your friends who like to run. Refer them to  I talked to 5 people this past weekend who told me “sounds like fun, but I don’t run”. Remember folks, 99% of the entrants to this type of event, walk, stroll, saunter and meander. It is a FUN Run.  We may have to change our name to Redlands Night Light Not Really a Run……Run.

November is also the month we honor those who have served our country keeping the rest of us safe and free, our Veterans. Ask anyone 60 or older and chances are pretty good they have served in the military. I had a dear friend, Julie Moore, who died this year.  She told me she joined the military to get free nurses training. She first approached the Army to sign up, but hated the drab brown color of their uniforms. Seeing someone in a navy blue uniform, she asked what branch wore that uniform and that was how she joined the USAF. The best years of her life she would say.  Young or old, we owe our veterans a huge debt of gratitude.

November is also the month to give thanks. We have a tendency to focus on the bad things, but we all have many, many blessings to be thankful for.  Personally, I am thankful to live in the beautiful city of Redlands. I am thankful that Redlands has grown and progressed in 125 years, but still managed to keep the things that make this city special. I am thankful the local economy is finally turning around. I am thankful to be basically healthy, (I am skipping wealthy and wise) I am thankful that my chamber presidency is almost over (yippee) and I am thankful that here in Southern California the only thing we have to shovel in the winter is dog poop.

Have a warm, wonderful November

NOV 2013 – MEMBER PROFILE – Dhat Island Foods

Dhat Island was created as a corporate catering service called Islands in 1986. With most of their flavors and dishes being unique, their guests began to refer to their items as “that chicken, “that rice” or “that soup.” and so it was only befitting that they change their corporate name to “Dhat Island.” Eventually they opened the first Dhat Island restaurant in Redlands, CA. and the response was overwhelming. It is their hope to open several other locations throughout California.

Angela Alce is owner, Creative Director and Chef of the unique restaurant, located at509 N. Eureka St. in downtown Redlands.  She was born in Ohio but moved to California where she attended college. After college she worked at Club Med in Eluethra, Bahamas as a costumier. Although her degree is in apparel design, she always had a love for the arts in general. While in the Caribbean, she became engaged in different types of arts including Caribbean cuisine. When she returned to the states, she married her husband whose family is from Haiti. She quickly learned the secrets of Creole, Caribbean cuisine techniques from his mother.

During the past 30 years, she has combined her southern cooking traditions along with Caribbean cuisine and created a delightful fusion. In her kitchen her title is Creative Director, as she combines visual arts and her cuisine heritage in every dish presented. She invites every guest to take a “Daycation” when they visit Dhat Island.

Dhat Island offers and extensive menu serving Caribbean Creole Cuisine, that includes extraordinary offerings like Seasoned Beignets, Salmon Caesar Salad, Pumpkin Soup, Seafood Gumbo, Creole Chop or Curry Goat to just to name a few. A trip to Dhat Island is a gift to senses. When you can’t get to the Caribbean let Dhat Island bring the Caribbean to you.

Parking for the restaurant is located at the north-west corner of Pearl and Eureka Streets. For and Island get-away, lunch is served 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, dinner is served, 5:00 – 9:– PM, on Sundays, 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM, closed Mondays.  Catering is available and special events are always in the queue.

For more information about Dhat Island, the menu, catering, Sunday Feast or more, log onto or call 792-1717 or like Angela says “You deserve a Daycation today head to Dhat Island.”




NOV 2013 – MEMBER PROFILE – Dr. Craig Chamberlain DDS MS

Dr. Craig Chamberlain has been practicing dentistry since 1989, specializing in orthodontics for children, teens, and adults. During his years of practice, he has developed two mantras that govern his work: “The greatest achievements are those that benefit others” and “Great smiles make the world a better place.”

Dr. Chamberlain received his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of California, Riverside. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery and his Master of Science in Orthodontics from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, where he was an Academic All American and a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Fraternity.

He is a member of many professional organizations, including the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontics, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics, and Tri-County Dental Society. He also has served as a Board Member of the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Orthodontics Association.

Once you have decided to visit Dr. Chamberlain and his staff and following a complete diagnostic examination the doctor will assess your orthodontic needs and determine the best course of treatment. Diagnostic records typically include a medical/dental history, clinical examination, and dental photographs and X-rays. These records are used first to develop a customized treatment plan and later to track the progress of treatment. Once the course of treatment has been determined, staff will make financial arrangements.

The cost of treatment is dependent on the severity of the patient’s case. You will be able to discuss fees and payment options prior to any treatment. The office is pleased to offer flexible, interest-free payment options, as well as payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and debit. They accept most insurance plans and will file the necessary paperwork. Patients are seen by appointment only for adjustments every 4-8 weeks.

The offices are located at 232 Cajon Street, Suite 4 Redlands, or 701 Highland Springs Road, Beaumont. You can reach the Redlands office at 793-2791 or the Beaumont office at 951-845-4822, or log on to

NOV 2013 – New Chamber Members in October 2013

Todd Underwood
1263 Brookside, Suite C
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-1002
Ralph Cardone
1976 Essex Court
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  307-1077
Web Site:
Marissa Drinkhouse
11116 New Jersey Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  335-6660
Web Site:
Jo Ann Von Wald
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  307-8626
Web Site:
Dan Merritt
330 Alabama Street, Suite A
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-2878
Web Site:           
Chris Pohren
1630 W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-1996
Web Site:
Dan Begley
P. O. Box 2689
Running Springs, CA  92382
Phone:  867-5772
Web Site:
Cathy Houwen
P. O. Box 2007
La Habra, CA  90632
Phone:  760-7526
Web Site:
Sharlyn K. Ziprick
1233 Brookside Avenue, Suite A
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-6700
Web Site:
Tristan Gerdes
106 Orange Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  307-8913
Web Site:
Ramez & Christina Kiriakos
700 E. Redlands Blvd, Suite U337
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  633-9988
Web Site:


NOV 2013 – Chamber Members Renewing in October 2013

Scott Shamblin
P. O. Box 7942
Redlands, CA  92375
Phone:  792-5356
Yolanda Coker
1967 Essex Court
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-1035
Kathleen Albrektson
1801 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 230
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  335-2913
P. T. McEwen
1251 Clay Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  798-4599
Bruce Smith
10020 Alabama Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  307-2913
Trey Weatherill
301 Vanderbilt Way
San Bernardino, CA  92408
Phone:  888-6363
Al Hernandez
113 E. State Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  792-3901
Gayatree Patel
1230 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  335-9988
Chris Wilcott
2064 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-2031
Scott Marinis
285 Hospitality Lane
San Bernardino, CA  92408
Phone:  889-0133
Jim Walling
P. O. Box 495
Loma Linda, CA  92354
Phone:  437-3194
Dr. Norman Mathis
508 Cajon Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-2024
Louis Curti
13024 San Timoteo Canyon Road
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-1278
Bobby Focht
305 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  792-2227
Roy Jameson & Ron Curran
1547 Park Avenue
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-1177
Trisha Aurelio
P. O. Box 8487
Redlands, CA  92375
Phone:  792-3402
Manuel Martinez
304 Ninth Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-2164
Michele Nielsen
2024 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone:  307-2669
Missy Sanborn
415 E. High Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  798-7183
Del and Pam Armstrong
1006 No. Wabash Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  389-7867
Margie Armantrout-Jami Spencer
345A North 5th Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-1294
Avianna Homan
1635 Industrial Park Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  798-7774
Dave Moore
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-0771
Paul Smith
921 New York Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-0300
Barbara Smith
Yucaipa, CA  92399
Phone:  797-5860
Toebe Bush
35154 Yucaipa Blvd
Redlands, CA  92399
Phone:  797-9101
Attention:  Treasurer
P. O. Box 7785
Redlands, CA  92375
Phone:  792-3291