MAY 2018 – Chamber schedules State of the Community luncheon

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce will present the Annual State of the Community Luncheon, Friday, June 22nd, 12:00 PM at the Orton Center, University of Redlands. Sponsored by The Ayer’s Hotel, Alta Vista Credit Union, Redlands Community Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Gas Company, Welsh Insurance Services, Brixton Capital, Teamsters Local 1932, Redlands Professional Firefighters, and the Redlands Police Officers Association, the event allows Mayor Paul Foster and Council Members, to address the community, discuss council focus, and accomplishments and plans for the future.

“I am very excited and honored that the Chamber will once again host the State of the Community Luncheon.  This is a great example of the business community, private sector, and your local government coming together to showcase our current state of affairs.  If there is one gathering you must attend this year, this is it.” Said Scott Welsh, Chamber President.

Mayor Foster and Council will present the Annual Beautification Awards for 2018 along with the Redlands Heroes and Employee Heroes Awards 2018.

The cost of the luncheon is $40 per person, reservations are needed. The event has been sold out each year and is once again expected to be. For more information or to make your reservation call the Chamber office at 793-2546.


MAY 2018 – President’s article by Scott Welsh

The great motivator Zig Ziglar penned a quote I’ll always remember: “You are a success when you have made friends with the past, are focused on the present, and are optimistic about your future”.  This time of year is a great time to check in on your business goals.  As business leaders we are often so focused on our daily tasks that we forget to check in on the big picture.  I often ask small business owners “so, how’s business”?  It’s easy to tell the ones who have goals.  They respond with things like “good, better than last year, or “we’re up over same month last year”.  Business will always do two things:  go up or go down. It’s important to take stock in your pacing to goal.  Corporate America is driven by metrics.  They use intricate methods and systems to help them determine important factors like share of business, pacing of their local market, and overall growth of their industry segment.  As small business owners, we don’t always have that information available, but we can set goals and timelines to help us stay on track.  Setting specific and measurable goals can be key to help your growth and track your marketing efforts. There are literally hundreds of approaches available with a little research.  Plan your work, work your plan.

The city of Redlands recently adopted its General Plan – a 20 year plan for everything from land use, housing, and beautification, to continuing a focus on preserving our historical heritage.  Not many of us have a 20 year plan, but an annual, or 3 to 5 year plan is doable!

What does the city plan mean for your business? Why is this important?  Find out by attending the Annual State of the Community Luncheon on June 22, 12:00pm at the Orton Center. The Chamber of Commerce hosts this sold out event each year to highlight where we’ve come from, and where are we going.   Mayor Paul Foster and our city leaders offer an inside look at how we are pacing to goal in recent years, and where we are headed.  The theme:  Keeping the Promise.  I am personally very excited each year to hear about our goals and focus of our community. It’s good to hear from our leadership about planning, implementing, and executing a worthwhile direction.  As the father of three young adults, I think it’s important to know how we are setting up our community for the next generation, and to know how I can position my business for the greatest success.  The program always includes special recognition to our local Heroes – people who stand out in serving our community and Annual Beautification Awards for commercial property improvement.  There is no doubt that if you can attend only one event this year – this is it.  It is a perfect example of the business community, private sector, and your local government coming together to showcase our current state of affairs.

The luncheon is sponsored by a host community focused businesses like The Ayre’s Hotel, Alta Vista Credit Union, Redlands Community Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Gas Company,
Welsh Insurance Services, Brixton Capital, Teamsters Local 1932, Redlands Professional Firefighters, and the Redlands Police Officers Association.  
Get your tickets ($40 per person) as soon as they become available!  For more information or to make your reservation, checkout, or call the Chamber office at 909-793-2546.  They will sell out.

Here’s to achieving all your business goals in 2018.


MAY 2018 – Young Professional Networking underway

By: Marissa Kramer, General Manager Ayres Hotel RedlandsPresident Elect Redlands Chamber of Commerce

On April 3, 2018 the Young Professionals Network (YPN) held their first meeting. In attendance, were a select ‘Core Group’ who were handpicked to represent and shape how the group will grow and develop.

All in attendance were asked to brainstorm and identify what some of the key items and issues are and what ways that the YPN could develop and foster the program, enlist new members, take on new challenges and assist with committees; all while making it worth their time and energy.

One of the ideas that came from this brain storming session was a Workshop Series, allowing The Young Professionals to learn skills that have been lost on the younger technical generation ranging from public speaking tips and good old fashion networking skills.

The Workshop Series is also planned to work in reverse where by the Young Professionals may be able assist the established Chamber Members to better use Social Media and online presence, and online marketing skills.

The YPN will work with the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop Committee and facilitate the “Food Court” for the upcoming New Year’s Eve event. The YPN will reach out to members of Redlands Service Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations to assist them in organizing and selling tasty treats and warm drinks to the thousands of revelers outside Ed Hales Park.

The YPN Core has slated to meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at the Ayres Hotel at 5:30pm. If you or anyone you know may be interested in become a member of the Young Professionals Network please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 909-793-2546 or myself at 909-335-9024 ext. 401.

On behalf of the YPN, we are eagerly looking forward to growing within and under the guidance of our existing Chamber Members and fostering this new group to further the business and community relationships in Redlands.

May 2018 – Member Profile – The Cope House Bar & Bistro

The Cope House Bar and Bistro is a cozy bistro in the historic 1903 Cope Building in beautiful downtown Redlands in the extraordinary Orange Street Alley. Reminiscent of Old Town New York or a Paris Bistro, the Cope House is warm, friendly even a little sexy offering an American dining experience with a French flare.

Hand crafted cocktails, and farm fresh ingredients provide a unique dining experience in the heart of Redlands.

The eclectic menu offers something for every palate. Small bites to full courses, creatively crafted cocktails and a hardy beer and wine selection satisfies every craving. The Cope House Bar and Bistro has even considered the discerning palates of little ones offering a “kids menu” with all the favorites to choose from.

The Cope House Bar and Bistro is a perfect way to experience Redlands with friends and family, savoring not only the tastes of the unique menu but enjoying the environment of the Orange Street Ally.

Open Tuesdays through Friday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM and Friday and Saturdays from 100:00 AM to 2:00 AM, you can enjoy, lunch dinner, drinks or just a tasty respite from downtown shopping. For reservations call, 253-1400.


MAY 2018 – Member Profile – The Tire Guys

The Tire Guys is a family-owned and operated chain of full auto service and tire stores serving customers in Inland California for over 25 years…since 1984. Unlike many more limited tire shops, they provide ALL SERVICES needed in vehicle maintenance, including advanced diagnostics. Many of our centers are AAA Approved Auto Repair, including SMOG checks.

With convenient locations in Redlands, Colton, Victorville and Yucaipa, California, they are able to offer unbeatable professionalism to a huge array of satisfied customers throughout the region. Each location has long hours that make it easy for anyone to get the work that they need at a time that’s convenient for them. They are open every day of the week to serve your needs. As a total car care center, they are dedicated to providing top-quality services at affordable prices.

Each auto repair and tire shop stocks an extensive array of high-quality tires from trusted brands like MICHELIN©,  Dunlop, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Kelly, Hankook and Cooper. The talented technicians are available to assist you with a huge range of tire services like low-profile tire installations, PAX tires, flat repairs, computer spin balances and rotations.

At The Tire Guys, they pride ourselves on being a total car care center, which means that they can do just about any car repair task imaginable. They are happy to assist people from all over the area with their automotive repair needs. The ASE-certified technicians can perform a huge variety of repair tasks including: glass repair, replacement and tinting; lube and oil changes; wheel alignments; steering and suspension; axle, driveshaft and CV joint repair; brakes; four-wheel-drive systems; engine diagnostics and performance work; differential repair; diesel engine systems; TPMS repairs; transmission work and much more. Each location offers flexible hours that make it easy for you to get work done when you need it.

Their Mission is to ensure that every customer receives the best quality car care while experiencing outstanding service from all of the trained professionals.

The Redlands shop is located at 1631 W. Redlands Blvd. in Redlands, CA., minutes from Mentone, Marigold, Bryn Mawr, Loma Linda and the University of Redlands, making them the perfect place to bring your vehicle if you want affordable auto care that’s close to home. Call today at 909-793-9999!



MAY 2018 – New Chamber Members April 2018

James George
414 Tennessee Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 792-5050

Amber Manning
330 Alabama, Suite H
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 335-5959

Jackie Badalamenti
1200 California, Suite 102
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 951-742-7324

Christy Bethel
1701 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 801-3717

Kelly Kampf
34 W. Stuart Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-2644

Sannon Haro
99 East C Street
Upland. CA 91786
Phone: 931-2855

Ashok Patel
511 W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2536

Chetay Catarano
330 Sixth Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-7788


MAY 2018 – Chamber members renewing April 2018

506 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-2675

Mike & K. G. Ardebili
1083 W. Park Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 307-0944

Belinda Jones
932 W. Cypress
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-8822

Mickey Hardin Butler
1998 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 748-7028

Jill Riley
1540 Lassen Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-5461

Redlands, CA 92373

Priya Patel
1235 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-6648

Jeff Sceranka
300 E. State Street, Suite 230
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 792-3803

David Felix
1676 Plum Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-4477

John Easley
1730 Plum Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-9063

Penny Radtke
710 Church Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-0823

Kelly Bissland
10 Terracina Blvd
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-8691

Mike Hokana
23303 La Palma Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Phone: 800-859-0128

Linda Kirwan
1643 Plum Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-9717

Angie Quiroga
1630 W. Redlands Blvd, Suite A
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2503

Ariell Harrison
10 E. State Street, Suite 200
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 501-5524

Cynthia McGuigan
550 No. Orange Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 800-9970

Stephen J. Travis
501 W. Redlands Blvd, Suite A
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 747-7950

Eki Odufalu
1402 Industrial Park Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-5777

Dr. Ralph Kunci
1200 E. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 748-8390