JAN 2018 – President’s Article by Scott Welsh

Happy New Year!

I am tremendously excited, energized, and humbled to have been selected President for 2018. There are many events, developments, and positive challenges ahead for all of us in business in the coming year.  I am honored to lead an organization that will keep you abreast of all developments, and work to ensure that all Redlands businesses remain relevant and prosperous.  I learned many years ago the one constant in business is change.  You are either in front of it, or behind it.  We hope that you will join us in being at the front edge of the rapidly changing and dynamic business community in Redlands!

Here are a few things to know about me.  My wife and I are 26 year residents of Redlands. First, I am father to three fantastic and motivated kids, Paige, Hope, and Finn.  And husband to Sarah, who is also my business partner and founder of our company Welsh Insurance Services, Inc.  So yes, she is the boss at work and at home. There is no question that any success I achieve starts with my family. We moved here shortly after college, and I spent 21 years working for a leading broadcasting company who owns 850 radio stations, 6 in Riverside.  I was the Director of Sales for the local group. I also have been a 16 year volunteer for the Redlands Bicycle Classic, serving for 11 years as the Marketing/Media director.  My entire career has been helping businesses achieve their goals.  I find learning how businesses work both fascinating and a constant challenge.  When we started our own company, I quickly learned how important building a trusted group of advisors can be; hence, our involvement in the Chamber.  I am first a grateful member, and utilize the services and networking opportunities to help connect and grow our business.  My leadership preference is by example.  I will be the first to provide testimony on how the Chamber can help you grow.  I have been a participant for many years in Rise ‘n Shine, and Business to Business networking opportunities, and there is no question these two activities have helped my business grow.

By the end of next year, we will see many developments come to light in our great city.  We kick off the year with a fantastic first time event – the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop!  I am so excited to work with our current president Todd Underwood, and the NYE committee to literally “flip the switch” on the New Year, and realize the beginning of what we are hoping will become a new FREE family tradition in a town with many iconic events.  We are proud partners with our city leaders and management in bringing this event to life.  Also, we will continue to acknowledge the volunteers of Redlands with the Man and Woman of the Year/Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year at the annual Chamber Installation dinner in January, and we are already working with city leadership and staff on the Annual State of the Community Luncheon in June.  And, don’t forget to bring your beloved “Fido” to our 3rd Annual Dog Jog event in November.

In addition, we will have an election to select new Council Members in district voting in 2018 election.  How will this affect you?  Stay tuned!  We also hope to see our new mall development begin to take life, and we are excited that the Packing District, and MOD projects will attract people with money to spend in your business from near and far. All the while the Chamber will remain your steadfast business partner.

We hope to see you all at one of our many events and wish you and your family a wonderful and prosperous New Year!


JAN 2018 – An Overview New 2018 Laws effecting California Employers


An Overview New 2018 Laws Effecting California Employers

Courtesy of the CalChamber

In 2017 California enacted new employment laws that may affect your business’s day to day operations.

Employers must be aware of significant changes in key areas, such as a small business parental leave law and new hiring restrictions.

Unless specified the new laws take effect January 1, 2018.

Parental Leave for Small Employers

An important new law requires that small employers provide new parents with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. A small business is defined by 20 or more employees. The law required unpaid, job-protected leave to bond with a new child, within one year of the child’s birth, adoption or foster care placement. The employer must maintain and pay for coverage under a group health plan at the same level and conditions that coverage would have been provided if the employee had continued working. Before the leave starts and employer must provide the employee with a guarantee of reinstatement to the same or comparable position.

Hiring Practices and Enforcement

  • AB 1008 prohibits employers with five or more employees from asking about criminal history information on job applications and from inquiring about or considering criminal history at any time before a conditional offer of employment has been made. There are certain positions where a criminal background check is required by federal, state or local law.
  • Once an employer has made a condition offer of employment it may seek certain criminal history information. However before denying employment because of a criminal conviction, these specific steps much be followed.
  • The employer much first conduct an individual assessment to determine whether the conviction has a direct and adverse relationship with the job’s specific duties that justifies denying employment.
  • Any preliminary decision not to hire because of a conviction history requires written notice to the applicant, who must be given the opportunity to respond. Specific, timeline and process for this step must be followed.
  • Any final decision to deny employment because of the criminal conviction requires another specific written notice to the applicant.

No more Salary History Questions

AB 168 bans employers from asking about a job applicants prior salary, compensation or benefits.

In addition employers cannot rely on salary history information as a factor in determining whether to hire the applicant or how much to pay the applicant. An employer may consider salary information that is voluntarily disclosed. Employers must provide a job applicant, upon reasonable request with the pay scale for the position.

Work Immigration Enforcement and Protections

The immigration Worker Protection Act provides workers with protection from immigration enforcement while on the job and imposes varying fines from $2000 to $10,000.00 for violating provisions.

Employers cannot give immigration enforcement agents access to non-public areas of a business without judicial warrant.

Prohibition does not apply to Form I-9 or other documents for which a Notice of Inspection was provided to the employer.

This Bill also makes it unlawful for employers to re-verify the employment eligibility of current employees in a time or manner not allowed by federal employment eligibility verification laws.

Alcohol Servers

AB 1221 requires that businesses licensed to serve alcohol make sure each alcohol server receives mandatory training on alcohol responsibility and obtains an alcohol server certification.

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Protections

Several new laws expand employee protections for 2018. Many of these laws focus on gender equality and gender identity/gender expression protections.

California employers with 50 or more employees must provide supervisors with two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years.

Employers will have to make sure that any mandatory training course they use also discusses harassment based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Employers must display a poster on transgender rights that the Department of Fair Employment and Housing will develop.

SB 179 will allow California resident to choose from three equally recognized gender options, female, male or non-binary –on state-issued identification cards, birth certificates and driver’s licenses. For changes to birth certificates, the law is effective on September1, 2018. For changes to driver’s licenses the effective date is January 1 2018.

AB 1556 revises California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act by deleting gender-specific personal pronouns in California’s anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, pregnancy disability and family medical leave laws by changing “he” or “she” for example to “the person” or “the employee”.

Human Trafficking

AB 260 extends the list of businesses that must post a human trafficking information notice to include hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast inns.

AB 1102 increases the maximum fine for a violation of whistleblower protections in healthcare facilities from $20,000 to $75,000.

Workplace Safety and Worker’s Compensation

Sb 258 relates to the safety of designated cleaning products including general cleaning, air care, automotive, or polish or floor maintenance products used primarily for janitorial, industrial or domestic cleaning purposes.

AB 44 requires employers to provide a nurse case manager to advocate for employees injured during the course of employment by an act of domestic terrorism, but only when the governor has declared a state of emergency.

JAN 2018 – Chamber to host Installation Dinner and Civic Awards Ceremony

Chamber to host Installation Dinner and Civic Awards Ceremony

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce will present new directors and welcome new officers to the organization, Thursday, January 25. 2018, 6:00 PM at the Casa Loma Room, at the University of Redlands

The Man and Woman of the Year Awards and Police and Firefighter of the Year Awards will be announced during the evening’s celebration. Each year those receiving the awards will join the ranks of extraordinary men and women who have gone before them and given generously of their time and talent to make Redlands a better place.

Tickets to the event are limited and reservations are necessary, $55 per person. To make your reservations or for more information about the event, call the chamber office at 793-2546.

JAN 2018 – Member Profile – Arthur Commercial Press


Arthur’s Commercial Press serving Redlands with value and integrity since 1890

Arthur Commercial Press is a mid-sized commercial printing company established in 1890. They take pride in delivering quality products with speed and accuracy at the best prices possible.

You need business cards, Arthurs has an everyday special, 1 sided, 4 color, 500 or 1000 as inexpensive as what you can order on line but with personal customer service.

You can make black and white copies for pennies and color copies for under twenty cents.

The friendly folks at Arthur’s Commercial Press offer; Four Color Process (Offset & Digital) • Graphic Design & Typesetting • Large Paper Selection • Catalogs • Newsletters • Presentation Folders • Labels • Laser Checks • Snap Out Forms & Continuous Forms • Banners & Yard Signs • Duplication Services • Postcards • Flyers • Corporate Stationery • Brochures • Note Pads • Mailing Services / In-house Bindery • Perfect Bound Books • Foil Stamp & Embossing • T-shirts • Bill Boards • Packaging • Specialty Advertising (pens, pencils, mugs,etc.)

If you need it printed Arthur’s Commercial Press can do it, deliver is available.

Located at 601 W. State Street you can call at 792-2498 or log on to their website at www. Arthurcommercialpress.com.

Arthur’s Commercial Press is small enough to care and large enough to perform.”

JAN 2018 – New Chamber Members – December 2017

Stacy Boyle
410 Alabama Street, #106
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-3243

Barbara Thomas
701 E. Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92866
Phone: 949-215-5539

Coby Hollier
1455 Ford Street, Suite 104
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 335-1992

Mary Shin
225 W. Hospitality Lane, Suite 201C
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Phone: 954-8441

Jason Fernandez
500 W. Stuart C1
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 283-7220

Julie Bearie
301 W. Redlands Blvd.
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 335-1900

Laurie McCracken
1350 Wabash Avenue
Mentone, CA 92359
Phone: 794-1040

Terry Carrizosa
330 No. 6th Street, Suite 116
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 335-1789

Jessica Bouzane
1473 Ford Street, Suite 200
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 345-0909

JAN 2018 – Chamber Members Renewing December 2017

Tim Murone
278 Tennessee Street #8
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2194

Todd Underwood
1263 Brookside, Suite C
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-1002

Angela Simpson
1534 Barton Road
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 307-8900

Dave Molloy
1930 W. Park Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373

Marianne Baldwin
2 W. Fern Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-3311

Attention: Manager
1331 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-6730

David Coldren
P. O. Box 8181
Redlands, CA 92375
Phone: 215-2533

Craig Stahl
285 E. Hospitality Lane
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Phone: 889-0133

Chris Wilcott
2064 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-2031

Ronald Morton
1411 W. State Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 798-4222

Alyssa King
885 E. Hospitality Lane
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Phone: 799-6500

George Barich
408 E. State Street, Suite A
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-9683

MAIDS 2000
Chanel Eren
1508 Barton Road #288
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-1493

David Reynolds
1665 Industrial Park
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-3377

Shannon Walters
3649 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501
Phone: 888-326-4448

Michael Morley
612 Texas Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-2359

Fernando Barr
855 Alabama Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-4477

Joseph Maiberger
P. O. Box 590
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 794-1108

Marsha Gebara
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 748-5105

Sam Trad
P. O. Box 9421
Redlands, CA 92375
Phone: 335-9235

Shirley Byma
105 Tennessee Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-5172

Manuel Martinez
304 Ninth Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2164

Michael Donia, DC
1455 Park Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2225

Tony Medrano
32185 Outer Highway 10
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 795-4431

Al Hernandez
P. O. Box 8667
Redlands, CA 92375
Phone: 793-1966

Isidro Reyes
27476 Lugonia Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-5641

Carol Meulenkamp
208 E. Olive Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
hone: 747-0505


DEC 2017 – President’s article by Todd Underwood


This past year it was a delight for me to represent the Redlands Chamber of Commerce as your president. I want to thank the Board of Directors for their advice, guidance, dedication and time. Without their service the Chamber would not survive. A big thank you goes to those who served on our committees. We enjoyed the second annual Dog Jog in November. With all the positive input we have received, I expect this event will continue to grow.

The Government Review Committee did an excellent job of interviewing the 13 candidates for the City Council vacancy.

This year the Board has created a new event to promote our city. The New Year’s Eve Orange Drop! I’m excited to see this inaugural event taking shape. We are grateful for the city’s support and the backing from the downtown businesses. I truly believe that this event will be the beginning of making downtown Redlands the place to be on New Year’s Eve.

As we start the holiday season it is my absolute pleasure to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2018. Thank you for your membership. Together our voice is heard as we promote local business and address important business issues