NOV 2014 – Branding Your Business On A Budget

The United States loves small businesses Why is this? Small businesses are seen as a positive influence “on the way things are going in this country.”2  Branding logo

Small businesses are in a unique position to create valuable customer experiences. Their products and services are often niche; the target customer is very defined; and business operations are agile and unconstrained by corporate rules and processes. Small businesses are also trusted for their integrity, community engagement and customer service.

But what can you do to grow the appeal of your brand – without breaking the bank? Here are 10 tips that can help:

What is your brand?

It’s important to understand that your brand is much more than your logo, merchandising or products. It is about the sum total of the experiences customers have with your business. This includes the visual elements of your business, but it also includes what you do, how you do it, what your customer interactions are like, the type of information you share in your marketing and on social media. All these elements help establish the trust and credibility of your business.

Stand out

Standing out means being different. If your brand is going to be strong, you need to be able to pinpoint what it is that makes what you do unique. What differentiates you from others in your industry? Don’t forget to weave your differentiators into your company’s messaging and marketing.

Have great products and services

Word of mouth is often a small businesses greatest lead generator, so having great products and services that people talk about is a critical part of your brand and why you are in business.  Even the most outgoing and charming small business owner is not going to succeed in bringing customers back, unless the product or service they provide delivers and exceeds expectations. Don’t lose sight of your product – keep refining it, testing new offerings, and making sure you always put product first, not the money it brings in.

Get your name and logo right

This is essential to brand recognition and it’s important to get it right the first time (changing your name and logo can be costly down the road). Your logo and name should be easily recognizable and reflect the nature and tone of your business as well as appeal to your target market.

Have a distinct voice

A great way to ensure your distinct brand message is delivered consistently across your business is to focus on how you and your employees interact and communicate with customers – in-person, on the phone and on social media. Not sure what your “voice” should be? Look to other brands. What do they do that you’d like to emulate? How do they greet and interact with you? What is it that they do that makes you feel good about doing business with them?

Be an advocate for your business – not just a salesman

You don’t have to be the greatest salesman to succeed in business. Selling takes many forms – and being a brand advocate gels them all together. For example, many small business owners strive to be the number one salesman, the number one cheerleader, and the number one fan of their own business (you’ve got to be excited about it if you want others to be excited too). If you are passionate about your business, be an advocate for it.

Be reliable

Letting your customers down by failing to live up to your own promises and brand standards can be particularly harmful for small businesses that depend heavily on referrals. The foundation of brand loyalty lies in great service – a happy customer is a loyal customer. So make sure you aren’t making promises that you can’t keep.

Have a value proposition

Value, not to be mistaken with price, can help define your brand and differentiate you from the competition. What niche do you serve? What do you do well in that niche that makes you different from everyone else? What are the emotional benefits of what you do? The answers to these questions will help define what your value is to your customers – it could be your great customer service, product quality, innovation, or any combination of these.




NOV 2014 – Chamber Encourages Shopping in Redlands

3  Shop Redlands LOGO

Keeping tax dollars in town is an important part of the equation when talking about the city’s financial wellbeing, but more importantly shopping locally supports the local businesses, helps retain jobs, and circulates dollars in the community.

Small businesses employ local people local people. They support local charities and offer personal services. Local businesses patronizes local businesses, they join local service clubs and support local athletic programs.

You really can find almost anything you need here in Redlands.

We have:

  • Retail and wholesale
  • Restaurants and caterers
  • Printers, writers and designers
  • Gift shops, ice cream and toy stores
  • Bike shops and car dealers
  • Home improvement stores and maintenance servers
  • Photographers, artisans and musicians
  • Pet stores and services
  • Gourmet food and wine
  • Personal and professional services

So before you make a purchase ask yourself if you can Shop Redlands first.


NOV 2014 – Chamber in Support of Business During Construction

4  Support of Business LOGO

As an advocate for business in Redlands, the Chamber of Commerce encourages the community to continue supporting local businesses while the City of Redlands works to improve our local infrastructure.

The City of Redlands has embarked on a major Capital Improvement Project for the intersection of Redlands Boulevard and Alabama Street. Average daily traffic reaches 20,000 vehicles on Redlands Boulevard and 18,000 vehicles on Alabama Street, according to the City’s Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department.

Improvements to this area vital to the City and local business include: widening the intersection in all directions; installing pipeline within the project area;, ADA and sidewalk improvements; creating a signalized T-intersection at Colton Avenue where it merges with Redlands Boulevard; and realigning a 22-foot-offset on Alabama Street.4  Support of business logo 2

While temporarily inconvenient, these improvements will ultimately ease travel for residents and visitors and create a welcoming environment for all our local businesses.

All businesses remain open during construction and marked entrances are there to help direct you to your favorite local merchants. The Chamber encourages residents and visitors to support these businesses.

For more information about the project, please call Olivia Crowley, Community Relations Coordinator for the City of Redlands at 909-798-7584 ext. 3.



NOV 2014 – New Chamber Members – October 2014

Thank you to the following businesses who saw the value in joining the Redlands Chamber today.

Jason Hull
29681 Crest View Lane
Highland, CA 92346
Phone: 748-5882
Kirk Cannon
P. O. Box 43
Calimesa, CA 92320
Phone: 583-7362
Brian Jago
3649 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501
Phone: 800-344-4225
Jim Towers
1447 Ford Street #200
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 335

NOV 2014 – Chamber Members Renewing October 2014

Scott Shambli
P. O. Box 7942
Redlands, CA 92375
Phone: 792-5356
Natalie Barker
650 New York Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-0185
Kathleen Albrektson
1801 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 230
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 335-9658
Todd Underwood
1263 Brookside, Suite C
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-1002
Drew Rodriquez
1969 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-8140
Norma Grosjean
1461 Ford Street, Suite 201
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 381-0527
Jo Ann VonWald
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 307-8626
Michelle Riggs
11711 Sand Canyon Road
Yucaipa, CA 92399
Phone: 389-3372
David Giri
1235 West Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-6648
Chris Wilcott
2064 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-2031
Wally Barker
1419 W. State Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 798-4222
Bill Hatfield
301 E. Redlands Blvd
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-3238
Janet Brandon
104 E. Olive Avenue, Suite 103
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 792-9282
Cathy Griffin
1275 Alabama
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 335-8400
L. Ray Ashworth
1101 Orange Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 307-0880


Louis Curti
13024 San Timoteo Canyon Road
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 798-1278
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 951-255-5793
Roy Jameson – Ron Curan
1547 Park Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 798-1177
Alex Delgado
500 W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2141
Daney Bachiu
922-B New York Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-3478
Manuel Martinez
304 Ninth Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-2164
John Mills
301 Ninth Street, Suite 100
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-9453
Matt Arath
700 E. Redlands Blvd, Suite U – PMB 32
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 792-4500
Missy Sanborn
415 E. High Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-7183
Cathy Houwen
P. O. Box 2007
La Habra, CA 90632
Phone: 760-895-7526
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-3905
Jennifer Castaneda
1319 Brookside Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 793-9500
Jenny Vannatter-Wright
305 W. State Street
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 362-2161
Shawn Cuddy
1635 Industrial Park Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 798-7774
Paul Smith
921 New York Street
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: 793-0300
Toebe Bush
35154 Yucaipa Blvd,
Yucaipa, CA 92399
Phone: 797-9101

NOV 2014 – The Clocks Ticking In Anticipation of Redlands First Ice Rink

The countdown has begun… just check the official Redlands on Ice website ….you’ll see a running countdown clock that ticks away the time until we can all ice skate in Redlands.9  Redlands on Ice LOGO

On Friday, December 26th, thanks to presenting sponsor The Rochford Foundation and the City of Redlands, the rink will be open at 12 PM ready for the adventurous athletes that will don the blades for the first time ever or strap them on after a sabbatical from snow and ice elsewhere and years gone by.

The rink is a synthetic product that fits together in sheets not unlike a puzzle fitting together. Topped with e-Z Glide it’s as slick as frozen ice without the need for subfreezing equipment; that means regardless of the southern California temperatures it’s blades on!

The rink will be operational for one week, December 26th through January 1, ten hours a day, noon to 10 P

You can make reservations for your skating adventure now by logging on to  and book your skate time.

“We have been talking about bringing a rink to Redlands for some time.” said Past Chamber President, Daney Bachiu, Redlands Blueprint and Commercial Printing, “This is our pilot program.  We are testing the enthusiasm and support of having a rink in Redlands during the holidays. If it is well received we hope to increase the amount of time we can present a rink in the future, perhaps the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.”

Bachiu noted that the Chamber is encouraging visitors and spectators to the rink to take advantage of the shops and restaurants before and after their fun on ice. They have created a Holiday Shopping Guide that will include ads and coupons from local businesses. The books will be distributed to all the rink visitors.

For more information about Redlands on Ice log onto or call the Chamber office at 793-2546.



NOV 2014 – The Night Light Run is Just What You Need to De-Stress

Night Light Run LOGOLook we all know the holidays have not only arrived too soon but they got here on the tail of a meteor and it slammed right smack dab into our lives unannounced! I’m convinced that we skipped a month or two this year I just haven’t figured out which ones.  I keep asking my friends at the PD to put out an APB or BOLO or WDIG to assist in recovering the time that will help to de-stress  the situation at hand but alas it seems there are higher priorities.

So we at the Chamber have come up with the next best thing – the answer to de-stressing !

It’s FUN! The fun we have on tap is the 5K NIGHT LIGHT RUN, Saturday, December 27, 6 PM in Downtown Redlands.

It’s absolutely impossible not to enjoy yourself, your friends, your family and even strangers when you are totally decked out in neon gear, glowing with LED lights, glow sticks, bracelets head gear and face paint. You can’t worry about what you haven’t baked, who you didn’t buy for what needs to be hauled out of the house or what wasn’t, mulled or brined.

And the best part, you don’t even have to RUN, no sirree, you can walk, skip, stroll, meander, push the kids in strollers, or pull them in wagons. If you really want to run I suppose you can but sadly the fun would be over way to fast so I recommend you just don’t do it! You can even use it as an excuse to walk the dog as long as Fido is on a leash and decked out in glow gear.

The light show at the start/finish line will be will dazzle the senses. The music will be positively rocking, guaranteed to get the juices flowing so we really will be able to make it through the “rest of the season”. And when the run is over you can join the revelers and visit the local downtown businesses to recap every step of the race, show off your original couture and discuss how ridiculous the guy at the next table looks.

Be a part of the fun, register on line a or stop by the chamber office and register in person and get an early bird, smart person discount.

We’ll get you started on your race outfit by providing a T-shirt necklace, bracelets bibs, (racing not drooling) and the rest is only limited by your own imagination.

For more information log on to or call the chamber office at 793-2546.

NOV 2014 – Member Profile – Servpro South Redlands/Yucaipa

servproWhen fire and water take control of your life, Servpro of South Redlands/Yucaipa help you take it back.

SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa understands the stress and worry that comes with a fire or water damage and the interruption it causes to your life. The team at Servpro South Redlands/Yucaipa is there to help minimize the disruption to your life and quickly make it “Like it never even happened”.

SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke, or water damage situation. SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa also mitigates mold and mildew from your home or business. Their staff and crews are highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at the corporate training facility to regular IICRC industry certification, you can be assured the staff is equipped with the knowledge they need to restore your property.

As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, you can depend on SERVPRO Franchise Professionals, whether you need emergency flood damage restoration or your upholstery cleaned. They have the training, experience, and equipment to make your house feel like home again.

Fire, water, and mold restoration are the cornerstones of our business. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are dedicated to being faster to any sized disaster. Their focus on training ensures they have the expertise and skills needed to promptly restore your property right the first time. Our restoration services include the following: water damage restoration; fire damage restoration; mold remediation; storm and major events recovery, as well as residential cleaning services.

Life happens. Kids spill drinks, pets have accidents, and homes get dirty. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals offer cleaning services ranging from air duct cleaning to removing biohazard contaminants. Their residential cleaning services will not only ease the burden of the constant maintenance of your home but will also create a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment for your family.

Your commercial property’s appearance speaks volumes to your clients. So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals have the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

No job is too big or too small for the Servpro of South Redlands/Yucaipa from, small office buildings to large office/high-rise office buildings; apartment buildings and restaurants; hotel/motels to large retail/big-box stores, manufacturing/industrial and government/military facilities the team will be there fast with the help you need.

Servpro of South Redlands/Yucaipa are available 24 hours a day to get your business back up and running. Their expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying.

Whether your need is removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can depend on a SERVPRO Franchise Professional to get the job done right the first time.

Call SERVPRO of South Redlands/Yucaipa for more information about the services they provide, 389-6310

NOV 2014 – Member Profile – Stone Wheel Olive Oil Company

12  Stone Wheel Olive Oil Co.

Stone Wheel Olive Oil Company is located in beautiful Downtown Redlands, at 7 N. Fifth Street, A unique shop that offers high quality olive oils and Balsamic Vinegars.  The unique family-owned tasting room and retail store specializing in the freshest, highest-quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar from around the world. Experience a broad selection of naturally flavored and infused olive oils and naturally flavored balsamic vinegars, all at an affordable price. Olive Oil tasting tempts visitors with a wine- like experience. Enjoy an unhurried visit chatting with owner Alisa Chatman or one of the friendly staff to teach you about olive varietals, where they grow, are harvested, pressed and products. Tasting can include either straight-up sipping like the professionals or with a dip of bread. Much like wine tasting each nuance and flavor is savored. Foodies know olive oil is a delicious healthy addition to salads, soups, pasta, drizzled over grilled vegetables, fish, or goat’s cheese. Substitute for butter in recipes to reduce fat and cholesterol. Stop by and try as many flavors as you like; they represent extraordinary examples of fresh, unique quality and value impossible to duplicate in traditional supermarket brands.

The downtown shop is open 6 days a week. Alisa and staff encourages visitors to stop by anytime and enjoy free tastings!   Flavor Infused Olive Oils and Vinegars make perfect gifts and now that the holidays are careening towards us, it’s the perfect time to find a unique and personal gift from Stone Wheel Olive Oil Company! Let Alisa and her staff help you make the right decision and give the gift of great flavors to your friends and family.

Stone Wheel Olive Oil has recently branched out into the sale of olives along with various spreads imported from France. The spreads, provided by The Bread Dip Company offers products that can be used as a vegetable dip or bread spread. Spread flavors include Artichoke and Capers, Sundried Tomato, and Olive & Herbs.  The Smoked Olive products are now available in the store.

For more information about flavor infused Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegars call 793-7272 or visit for a tasting experience at 7 N. Fifth Street.



Lately I hPresident Geoff Bonneyave not heard a lot discussion about the state of the California economy,  Are we recovering, holding steady, or backsliding?  I decided to do a little digging, and here is what I found.

The short answer is – we are getting better.  We are not as well off as we were 7 years ago just before the housing market bubble burst, but we’re getting there.  Here are some numbers on two key indicators, GDP and unemployment.

First off, I should note that California is now the 8th largest economy in the world, surpassing Italy and Russia.  I guess that means Governor Brown can take a place at the G8 conference table (now that’s and interesting thought).  For comparison, Texas comes in at 14th, and New York at 16th.  So in spite of industries looking to locate or expand in other states, we are still experiencing some economic growth.  A couple of key industries driving this are shipping through our sea ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach, and agriculture.  It’s a lot further to Houston from Asia, so that one is not likely to move out of state soon.  Agriculture, however, has other vulnerabilities to consider such as the drought.  Although agriculture represents about 2.5% of the state economy on the surface, the trickle-down impact is much larger.  My brown front lawn is no longer a big deal.

Another popular economic indicator is unemployment.  State wide it is currently on a down trend, coming in at 7.4%.  This is good, but we have to remember that it is higher than in 2007, and still higher than the U.S. average of 6.1%.  We appear to still be in the midst of a roller coaster ride on this statistic.  Here in the IE, we are coming in at 8.2% for San Bernardino County, and 9.2% for Riverside County.  Similar to the state level, these number reflect a downward trend, but still larger than 2007.  For comparison, Texas comes in at 5.3%, and New York at 6.4%.

The IE is taking a larger hit than the rest of the state.  Ten or so years ago we were supposed to lead the nation in growth, primarily because of cheap land.  We fell harder than other areas, so we have a longer climb back up.  But there is a sign of success.  State wide, the IE leads in property value increase of existing homes; 20% for San Bernardino County and 14.5% for Riverside County.  The next best is LA County at 11.2%.

I’ll stop with the number here, since my purpose is to provide a broad, general picture.  GDP is up, unemployment down.  There is plenty more information out there if you want to really dig into the statistics.  Overall it appears we are on a good course.  One very important message is that past lessons have taught us that the economy is fragile, so we MUST NOT get complacent.