Membership Benefits

For over 130 years, the mission of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce has been to serve our members, and create a business climate that will advance the economic, educational, cultural and civic vitality of the Redlands Community. Essentially, our role in the community is to support businesses and their employees. The Chamber is made up of businesses, associations, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Our strength lies in our diversity and commitment to each other. Our members work collectively to accomplish what no one business or individual could do on their own. The Chamber advocates on behalf of networking between both businesses and individuals. For residents, the Chamber is a reliable resource of community information and business referrals.

Some members belong to the chamber even though they know they will have limited time to be active in the organization. They understand that the work of the Chamber is important to them and their business. Their financial participation helps fund programs and activities of significance to the business community. They realize, like those members who can personally participate, that it is in their best interest to have a strong, effective chamber working for them. We provide services that meet the needs of our members, businesses, customers/clients, residents, and visitors.

Who can join?

Everyone is eligible to join the Platinum Membership and enjoy all of the benefits included in the Gold Membership in addition to all the benefits listed in Platinum.

What will I pay?

Businesses with under 50 employees who want to enjoy all the benefits will pay $375. Businesses with over 100 employees will pay $695.

Wasn’t the price for large organizations $1,055 in the past?

For the past 20 years the price for large organizations has been $1,055. We’ve decreased the membership cost to $695 for business with 50+ employees. This will make the chamber more accessible and welcome more businesses to join and benefit from the Redlands Chamber! The newest benefits will be extremely valuable to large businesses and we want them to utilize it.  Are your benefits valued above the membership costs? We’ve added new valuable benefits like ESRI Business Analyst that is valued at over $5,000.

Who can join?

Individuals and Businesses with under 50 employees are eligible to join the Gold Membership.

What will I pay?

Individuals will pay $98 per year and eligible businesses pay $195.

How comparable is the price to other Chambers?

Surrounding Chambers range from $205 -$450 for memberships with under 50 employees.

Events & Networking Opportunities