JUNE 2012 – Cruisin’ Cuisine winner announced

         Congratulations to Chris Bonney, the lucky winner of the Cruisin’ Cuisine grand prize, Apple I-pad. Chris was one of the tasters that took part in the pedestrian “cruise” Friday May 18 that had more than 120 guests visiting 10 local restaurants, test tasting epicurean delights culminating in a drawing for the grand prize at the end of the evening. Chris a 10th grade student at Grove High School inRedlands said he enjoyed the event and would return again. “There was more than enough food to fill up a 16 year old and that’s really saying something.” said Chris’s dad, Geoff Bonney.

            “This was the second annual Cruisin’ Cuisine event.” said Chamber President, Paul Barich, “We launched the program last year and it was such a success that we brought it back again this year. This plays into our Shop Redlands program by showcasing our fabulous restaurants.  There’s no better way to spend a balmy Friday evening in Redlands then wandering from restaurant to restaurant tasting the amazing food selections that are available to us right here in town.”

            “This is the first time I’ve ever won anything”. Reported Chris who was going to take it home and start to play games on it immediately.

            Barich indicated that there would be another Cruisin’ Cuisine in Redlands next year with even more restaurants once again highlighting the varied cuisines and dining opportunities in Redlands.

JUNE 2012 – Mayor to address city

        The Redlands Chamber of Commerce and First California Bank will present the Annual State of  the Community Luncheon, Wednesday, July 11th; 12:00 PM at the Orton Center, University of Redlands, check-in begins at 11:30 AM

            Mayor Pete Aguilar will address the community, explain the budget and share plans for the future as well as take questions from the floor.

            “This event is an excellent opportunity for our Mayor to meet with the citizens and business leaders of Redlands. It will give him and an opportunity to share both the immediate and long term vision for the city.” said Paul Barich, Chamber President. “Following the adoption of the City’s 2012/2013 budget it is of particular interest to learn how our city leaders will meet the fiscal challenges that lie ahead. We are delighted to once again present the annual event that provides a venue allowing our elected officials an opportunity to meet the business community out side the confines of City Hall. We are especially grateful to First California Bank for the generous sponsorship of this extremely important community event.”   

            “First California Bank is delighted to join the Redlands Chamber of Commerce in presenting this very significant community event. We believe it is important to maintain communication between elected officials, residents and the businesses of Redlands.” Said Wayne Stair, First California Bank, Senior Vice President, “Ongoing dialogue about current issues that affect the city is critical to understanding the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.”

            The cost of the luncheon is $30 per person, reservations are required.

            For more information about the State of the Community Luncheon or to make reservations, call 793-2546.

JUNE 2012 – Chamber recommends code change

       The Redlands Chamber of Commerce Government Review Committee met with city staff to discuss changes in the Sign Code that will allow all businesses in commercial zones and specific plan areas the opportunity to use portable signs.

       The current code does not allow businesses outside the downtown area the use of portable signs. In an effort to be fair and equitable to all businesses the Chamber has recommended an amendment to the code that will the sign but include size restriction and location limits.

        With agreed upon language changes the amendment will be submitted to the City Council for approval in July.


JUNE 2012 – Business Profile – TBM Fire & Security

          TBM Fire and Security is a family owned business located in the Inland Empire. The concern, service, and care you will receive from their monitoring station operators, alarm installation technicians and office management team, will continue throughout the lifetime of your system. If you have a problem at 2:00am someone from the staff is on duty 24-hours a day.

            From detection devices and sensors to control panels and remote access technology, TBM Fire and Security have decades of experience in providing security and monitoring that come together to deliver you a better experience.

            Their technicians stay up to date with industry changes through manufacture trainings and industry seminars, providing the very best in customer service along with the most current information about equipment. They support DSC, Radionics, Bosch, Napco and Ademco Security Systems. Additionally, and are qualified to work on Fire Lite, Silent Night, Radionics Fire Systems, along with other non-priority systems. They are an RSI Wireless camera supplier/installer and Everfocus Dealer Trained Company. Their technicians complete additional trainings thought the year.

            For complete fire safety TMB Fire and Security design, install, maintain, and inspect fire systems as required per NFPA-72 standards for office buildings, factory, warehouse and more. They do quarterly and annual inspections Per NFPA-72 requirements for fire systems, Halon and more

            For additional protection to your service they can add the following to your current system:

  • Smoke and Heat Detection that is monitored 24-7 even when your system is not armed.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection that is monitored 24-7 even when your system is not armed.
  • Glass Break Detection to all the exposed areas.
  • GSM Cellular Backup that monitors your system in the event your phone line is cut, damaged or intentionally disconnected for attempted break in.
  • Flood/Water Detection in basements, under sinks, laundry rooms or any vulnerable areas. These sensors can be monitoring 24-7 even when your system is not armed.
  • Freezer/Refrigerator Detection for Hi-Low temperatures that is monitored 24-7 even when your system is not armed.
  • Specific User Codes that are programmed for each family member, cleaning personal and office staff
  • Our Central Station is operated by CSSA Certified emergency operators devoted to your protection 24/7. You can call our Central Station 24/7 and speak to one of our operators about your system troubles.

            For information about how you may be able to save 5-20% on your insurance or to learn more about how to protect you residence or business contact TBM Fire and Security at 909 793-2194 or log on to www.tbmsecurity.com


JUNE 2012 – From the President…Your Chamber at work

       The Chamber of Commerce will always be an advocate and a supportive voice for the business community. The Chamber may not always fall in line with every member’s personal political view, but we will be your voice when it comes to business issues.  This is one of the best reasons to be a member of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce.

            Shop Redlands First posters are in!  If you want one to display in your window or place of business, a member of our staff will deliver one to you or I’d be happy to deliver one personally.  Please call the Chamber at 793-2546 to make arrangements.

            Wednesday, July 11th at the Orton Center, University of Redlands, the State of the Community Luncheon will take place, sponsored by First California Bank. Mayor Pete Aguilar will address the audience and take questions from the floor. For reservations call the Chamber office. This event sells out every year so call in early.

            The City of Redlands has engaged the services of a consulting firm that has reviewed City fees and is recommending increases across the board. The Chamber has put together a task force that is reviewing the affect of the recommendations. We don’t know the complete impact yet but I guarantee that we will watch it closely and if needed, we will go into action to prevent any excess charges that will deter economic development, discourage job development or business growth, stayed tuned.

JUNE 2012 – Chamber Members Renewing May 2012

Larry Taylor
814W. Colton Avenue
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  792-4523
Jerry & Patti Rogers
525W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2596
C-21 LOIS LAUER REALTY-Mickey Hardin
Mickey Mardin
1998 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  748-7028
Carolyn Strickland
1711 W. Lugonia Avenue, Suite 101
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  335-8181
Randy Briggs
21 E. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-2511
Everett Thompson
200 E. Citrus Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  307-8100
Kenny Makan
1650 Industrial Park Avenue
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  792-7913
Scot Smith
1745 Sessums Drive, Suite 120
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  794-3476
Michael Broderick
300W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-3373
Dr. Carolyn Bohler
1 East Olive
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2118
Dan Flanigan
745 E. Stuart Avenue
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  792-6740
Suzanne Strauss
123 Cajon Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-3888
John James
10444 Corporate Drive Suite G
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  796-9089
Chris Falcioni
25072 Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92354
Phone:  796-1600
Gregory Bradbard
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  793-2837
Nick Chudasama
2025 W. Park Avenue, Suite 8
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  307-1300
Dick Shalhoub
612 E. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-1516
Sonietta Brown
10 Terracina Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-8691
Maura Joyce
1890 Orange Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-6989
Christine O’Hagan
P. O. Box7152
Redlands,CA 92375
Dave Holden
555W. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2488
Zack Naser
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  798-1111
Beth Sanders
201 E. State Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-3355
Rick Gunn
P. O. Box2296
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  798-7490
Linda La Pierre Ortiz
287 Tennessee
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  307-6742
Shawn Burch
15 So. 5th Street
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  798-7490
Martha Green
105 E. Citrus Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  792-5400
Jeremy Williams
5015 Hallmark Pkwy
San Bernardino,CA 92407
Phone:  880-8284
Mary Shaw-McMinn
10535 Anderson Street
Loma Linda,CA 92354
Phone:  796-2897
Janelle West Sommer
1481 Ford Street, Suite 102
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-2964



Jose Ramirez
700 E. Redlands Blvd
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  951-575-8439
Michael Ortiz
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  913-7305
Angela Alce
509 No.Eureka Street
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  792-1717   Fax:  792-1718
Web Site:  www.dhatisland.com
Nicole Campbell
1730 Plum Lane, Suite A
Redlands,CA 92374
Phone:  792-9063
Web Site:  www.imaginesystems.net
Dr. Jason Jimenez
12375 California Street
Yucaipa,CA 92399
Phone:  446-1100 ext 700
Web Site:  www.ilfoundation.org
Robert Minella
1717 West Park Avenue
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  390-2833        Fax:  390-6097
Web Site:  www.laynechristensen.com
Sandee Derryberry
1520 Barton Road
Redlands,CA 92373
Phone:  793-3208        Fax:  335-0006
Web Site:  www.redlandsfamilypractice.com
Karen Di Carlo
824 E. 6th Street
San Bernardino,CA 92410
Phone:  885-0090        Fax:  887-2147
Web Site:  www.santaclausinc.com

JUNE 2012 – Business Profile – Sylvan Learning Center

     For more than 30 years, Sylvan has helped more than two million students learn to read, write, calculate and organize themselves to reach their potential inside and outside of the classroom. More importantly, Sylvan has helped children develop a love of learning and a confidence that they carry throughout their lives.
            Most students — regardless of their academic performance — can use extra help to achieve their full learning potential in one or more key subjects. At Sylvan, they offer a choice of quality tutoring programs to help students improve overall. Their proven process begins with a Sylvan Skills Assessment test that is designed to identify your child’s strengths and needs, so that they can then create a personalized program that’s right for your child. Their trained and certified teachers ensure that your child receives the individualized attention necessary to master the skills needed to do better in school and better in life.
            Sylvan is more than tutoring. Every Sylvan Learning Center is a centerpiece to the community and surrounding neighborhoods. Sylvan Learning Center is committed to being good neighbors and valued partners in the communities in which they live and work. Their more than 900 local centers are proud to work in conjunction with local school systems and neighborhood organizations to create educational initiatives that benefit children for life.   The Sylvan trained and certified tutors are dedicated to your child’s success. Working together with you, they will:

  • Pinpoint your child’s learning needs using the Sylvan Skills Assessment®
  • Develop a personalized learning plan based on your child’s goals
  • Offer unique insights about what will work for your child
  • Teach each lesson the way your child learns best
  • Build a relationship with your child to provide learning that’s fun, engaging and rewarding

            At Sylvan of Redlands, the staff believes there is a lot they can accomplish if they work together with friends and neighbors.

            Find out how they’re reaching out beyond the center walls to promote the importance of education inRedlands.

            To learn more about Sylvan Learning Center inRedlandsor to visit the center at 413 E. Palm or call the friendly staff at 792-9669.

JUNE 2012 – Social Media Marketing

         For many small businesses entering into the world of social media marketing the journey is not unlike an expedition of the uncharted explorations of Lewis and Clark. But the navigation can be simplified and the fear removed with common sense steps that most business professionals have been using for years within different mediums.

            Make sure you know the basics when it comes to the tools you use like social media marketing. A successful business plan should still begin with a press release and should always be backed by relevant market research. Social media marketing is as effective as it is because it uses both traditional methods and new methods of advertising.

     Create enticing headlines. Due to the fast nature of social media surfing, many people will see only the headline before dashing off to another site or tweet. You want your headline to be so interesting that people feel they need to find out more. Without a catchy and informative headline, you may not be able to attract your target audience.

            To begin with proofread everything you write for social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, with extreme care. Keep in mind that it is always important to remain professional. The character limit on Twitter makes using some abbreviations fine, but be careful not to overdo it. Go out of your way to publish content that reflects well on your business.           

            Look into what other businesses are doing on Facebook and see what you like about how they promote their businesses and use that towards creating your page. A little opposition research will give you a better handle on what works, and what doesn’t, and what has already been done. After you have researched what others are doing, and what works incorporate these ideas into your page along with a few new things to make your page interesting and unique.

            Promote product giveaways using your social media presence. People love getting things for free, and offering free items is a great way to bring new customers to your profile. Decide on what you are going to give away, then visit the popular freebie sites and post the link to where readers can get their freebie.

            Running contests with incentives on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, is a valuable way to produce good publicity for your company. Once customers become interested in your contest, they’ll share its existence with their friends and you will get lots of people involved. That’s how social media works. The contest should be fun, and related to what you sell.

            If you are using Facebook to engage your customers, go for quality of information rather than quantity. Don’t share just anything, just to share. If you find something that you find really interesting, or holds some serious truth, don’t hesitate to share it with others around you. However, it should be of interest to others. Avoid meaningless quizzes and surveys about irrelevant topics that mean nothing to customers.

     Use Facebook or Twitter to advertise limited offers. Make sure to give them enough advanced warning to be able to take advantage of the offer! If a customer realizes that they missed a great bargain, they are going to be far more mindful of future updates.   Social media sites are a great way to build interest in new products or to get pointed feedback on past products. People love to give their opinions on products, so they’ll likely oblige you if you ask them. They will let you know what they have been looking for, and the best thing about this is that it’s free.

            While marketing through social media can be rewarding, it has it’s own set of challenges that are unique to the forum. Start implementing these hints and tips into your plan for social media marketing to see how lucrative and successful these strategies can be. If done right, your social media marketing can even turn out to be fun!


JUNE 2012 – May Shop Redlands Winner

Congratulations to Diana Neuendorff , the lucky winner of the Shop Redlands, May, $100 Prepaid Master Card provided by President’s Circle Member Dave Maupin, Maupin Financial Services. The month of June’s Shop Redlands prize is a $100 Emerson & Farrar Gift Certificate sponsored Paul Emerson of Emerson & Farrar.

 Bring in your shopping receipts from chamber members or local businesses and be eligible for the drawing that will be held the last day of June. By shopping at chamber members you will receive two tickets for the drawing, non member receipts qualify you for one ticket. The member directory can be found on the Chamber’s website at www.Redlandschamber.org. The receipts must be $25 or more.

 Once again congratulations to Diana Neuendorff, and thank you to Maupin Financial Services, Here we go again …… let’s get shopping inRedlands!