Shopping & Retail

Board Game Paradise 

ADDRESS: 109 State Street, Suite A, Redlands CA 92373

PHONE: (909) 279-1722

DESCRIPTION: A small store for all your board game wants and needs


Ozel Jewelers of Redlands 

ADDRESS: 2 East State Street, Redlands CA 92373

PHONE: (909) 793-7986

DESCRIPTION: A classic jewelry shop


Redlands Antique Auction

ADDRESS: 1547 Park Avenue, Redlands CA 92372

PHONE: (909) 798-1177

DESCRIPTION: A market with occasional auctions


The Lovely Lotus 

ADDRESS: 10 East Vine Street, Suite 203, Redlands CA 92373


DESCRIPTION: A small crystal and metaphysical shop 


 Empire Barber Shop

NAME: Empire Barber Shop

ADDRESS: 217 E State Street, Redlands CA 92373

PHONE: (909) 307-5803

DESCRIPTION: A local barber shop


Arbor Life Spa

NAME: Arbor Life Spa

ADDRESS: 707 E State Street, Redlands CA 92373

PHONE: (909) 913-2088

DESCRIPTION:”Where Health, Wellness and Longevity of Life is Practice” 


Citrograph Printing Company 

ADDRESS: 113 E State Street, Redlands CA 92373

PHONE: (909) 792-3901 

DESCRIPTION: The place to get Redlands memorabilia 


Red Rooster Vintage 

ADDRESS: 409 Orange St, Redlands, CA 92374

PHONE: (909) 708-9527

DESCRIPTION: Antique store specializing in vintage, antique, industrial, farmhouse, and custom furniture, home decor, and paint nights


Redlands Galleria

ADDRESS: 17 E State St, Redlands, CA 92373

PHONE: (909) 793-2204

DESCRIPTION: A three-story antique store in the heart of downtown Redlands