NOV 2016 – Charley spreads the word about the Dog Jog

2-charleyBy, Charley

Finally!!! I get my own By-line in a paper! It’s about time the Chamber allowed me to share a few things, I’ve actually got a lot to say!

My friends and I are so thrilled about the most exciting, the most electrifying, the most sensational event to come to Redlands almost EVER! It’s the Dog Jog, on November 5th, designed specifically for us dogs. I mean really who declared the rule that there are “no dogs allowed” at all these races all over the region.  After all we are the ones that go out with our athlete owners and train in preparation for all those races; l we’re the ones that endure those early morning runs, those late evening trots, even those mid-day scorchers, just so our two legged pals can shave a little off their best time. Then when it’s race time… we get left home.  Well not anymore, this time we can invite our masters to join US at the 5K race on Saturday, November 5th. Yep I said a 5K…and the best part we don’t even have to run.. we can walk, jog, trot, meander, stroll, heck we can even travel in a wagon or a stroller.

You know how at all these other races the humans get really good stuff in their swag bags… at the Dog Jog it’s all for us. We get a brand new bandana, a brand new stuffed toy, hopefully one with a squeaker in it to drive our family crazy, a dog treat at the end of the race AND a dog tag that we can wear on our collars, that proves we finished the race. Our humans get an official T-shirt but we get the really good stuff.

So many businesses in Redlands thought this kind of race was such a good idea that they sponsored it, Alta Vista Credit Union, Barich & Associates, All Four Paws Pet Care, SCE, Super 8 Motel, Allstate Insurance – Todd Underwood, Mountain West Financial, Pacific Specialty Insurance, Storage West, Redlands Sewing Center and Office Solutions. I’m going to insist that my family shop at these places for their products and services, what a bunch of really great guys.

So come on….. join me and hundreds of my closest friends from the dog park, the neighborhood and the vets offices, on Saturday, November 5th, 8:00AM in downtown Redlands, south side of the mall.  Did I tell you we’ll actually be in the streets racing, no cars!

It’s not too late to sign up. Call the folks at the chamber office at 793-2546. I can probably get you a discount if you drop my name. By the way, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Redlands Animal Shelter so they can continue to help all my friends looking for a home.

See you on the 5th.