MAR 2013 – Cash Mob to hit Redlands

Changing up the “Shop Redlands” focus… the Young Professionals Network of the Chamber is orchestrating a new approach to focus attention on shopping locally.

You’ve heard of flash mobs, where people appear to randomly gather and break into elaborate song and dance routines, well instead of breaking into song, the Young Professionals are bringing together CASH MOBS …. where members of “mobs” break open their wallets to spend money at locally owned businesses.  The formula is straightforward: People commit to spending at least $20 each at a local business to help support, expose and market it, which hopefully brings in new customers.

Like flash mobs, cash mobs are organized using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and email.  While the name of the business will remain “top secret” until the day of the “mob” the excitement and anticipation will grow each day. The mob will meet at a central location and descend on the business en-mass, creating a sense of fun, excitement and most of all; support for our local businesses.

After the mobbing participants will gather at a “watering hole” to compare notes, show off purchases, meet new friends and plan the next mob.

Log on the REDLANDSCASHMOB or call the Chamber office to learn more about this month’s Cash Mob. If you would like to be “mobbed” contact the Chamber office at 793-2546 or email us at