Chamber to plan strategy for coming year

Each year the Chamber’s Board of Directors takes time out of their busy schedules to focus on the Chamber mission, its members and the plan for the coming years. With President Elect Paul Barich leading the charge the Strategic Planning Conference has been calendared for September 14th when directors will gather at the Chamber office to determine what is in store for the organization and the business community at large both in the immediate future and long term.

“The challenges are monumental.” said Barich. “Our economy is still in disarray. Protecting our businesses, insuring their success and ability to do business in Redlands is our number one priority. Increasing our customer base, adding jobs to the pool, and addressing anti business issues locally, at the State and even on a federal level are in our scope. Providing real benefit to membership is essential to the Chamber and making sure every member has a voice is critical to the leadership.”

The Directors will bring their expertise to the table to develop a working plan of action for the upcoming year taking into consideration 2012 is an election year, a year with the threat of yet another economic turn looming and a City Budget that will again threaten scant services, and reduced revenue.

If you have ideas that you would like to see implemented within the scope of services for the Redlands Chamber of Commerce next year, contact the Chamber at: