Ten tips toward successful networking

In today’s fast paced information age people are constantly bombarded with messages and requests. However the bottom line still remains that people like to do business with those that they know. The trick is to be known by a lot of people. Networking is using your contacts to get what you want. Successful networking requires you to keep yourself in regular contact with your customers and potential customers so they remember you at the right time, when they are ready to buy.

Following are 10 working tips;

1    Collect business card of others and distribute yours. Distribute your cards freely, even to friend and business associates. Write notes on the backs of cards you collect.
2    Keep your telephone and mailing lists up to date. Update lists weekly 3    Use your list to make calls and send post cards. Make personal calls or comments as often as possible.
4    Talk to everyone. Regularly introduce yourself both in personal and professional settings. Mingle at all events.
5    Get others to talk. Ask questions and try to get to know the person you’re speaking with. Find common areas of interest and definitely obtain a clear idea of his/her line of work.
6    Be helpful and offer advice. Be a mentor and confidant. Be willing to offer help even to a competitor. Your good turns will be returned.
7    Visit new organizations regularly. Become actively involved in at least one civic or professional organization.
8    Stay informed of local happenings in your industry.
9    Be memorable and concise. Say something funny, clever or different that helps people remember you but keep it short.
10    Make networking a priority. It requires you to leave your office or store. Set aside time to build your network.

The Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities to network, Rise n Shine Redlands, Business to Business, Business After Hours, participate on a committee, volunteer for an event, use the membership to your advantage, the opportunities are endless.