SEPT 2018 – President Elect Marissa Kramer announces slate of Directors

President Elect, Marissa Kramer, Ayres Hotel Redlands announces slate of Directors for Chamber’s Board terms beginning January 2019.

Todd Underwood, Allstate Insurance, has been asked to serve another three year term. Todd has been an active member of the chamber and board for the past three years, serving on the Dog Jog Committee, acting as President and most recently Past President and taking an active role in launching the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop.

Justin Bouzane, The Results Group, Keller Williams, is new to the chamber but jumped in immediately. He serves on the Young Professionals Network Committee, has taken on organizing a family food court in conjunction with this year’s New Year’s Eve Orange Drop, serves as an Ambassador along with his wife Jessica and is a part of the welcoming committee at Rise ‘n Shine each month.

Bill Tooke, Mirau, Edwards, Cannon, Lewin, and Tooke, is a member of the chamber’s Government Review Committee. He recently served as chair of one of the many panels that interviewed the City Council Candidates running for office in November. He and his partner Mark Edwards, presented a seminar for chamber members explaining the implications of the recently enacted law regarding independent contractors vs. employees. He has been an active Optimist, serving on the board of directors.

“It is my honor and pleasure to be working with our current and upcoming Board of Directors. We have such a diverse group working toward responsible decision making for the betterment of all the businesses in Redlands. Many of our Board members work and serve on many different committees making them knowledgeable and invested in the future of the organization. I look forward to the working with the 2019 Board of Directors and hope to continue on the strong path that the preceding Board Members and Presidents have paved before me.” Said Marissa Kramer, President Elect.

The organizations’ bylaws provide for additional nominees by petition signed by 20 members in good standing. Petitions must be filed at the Chamber office fifteen days after public notification, a general election will follow.