SEPT 2018 – Chamber’s Government Review Committee interviews city council candidates

Chamber’s Government Review Committee interviews city council candidates

As we approach one of the most important elections in the history of Redlands it is imperative that we all work together to insure a bright and prosperous future for our city.

With three districts and an at large election looming in December, the Chamber’s Government Review Committee, reached out to all 14 candidates and invited them to interview with individual panels.

In District 1, Chris Schumate, John Mills and Todd Underwood, interviewed Denise Davis, Priya Vedula, Eric Whedbee, Andy Hoder and Renea Wickman. Each candidate was asked the same three questions then the panel engaged in an informal conversation with each candidate in an effort to learn more about them, their civic positions and their plans if elected.

In District 5, the panel, consisting of Bill Tooke, Jay Patel and Scott Welsh, interviewed two candidates, incumbent, Paul Foster and Ryan Johnson both vying for the District 5 seat.

District 3, had Bob Botts, Marissa Kramer and Mark Orr, visiting with candidates, incumbent Paul Barich and Joe Richardson, Mike Saifie and Luis “Enrique” Estrada, declined the invitation to be interview.

With a twist in this municipal election, there is also an “at large” race, Scott Welsh, Todd Underwood and Tim Murone, met with incumbent Toni Momberger, Brian Segher and Mike Ten Eyck. The candidate winning the “at large” seat will serve for two years. In 2020 Districts 2 and 4 will be on the ballot.

In each case the panels concluded on the best candidate to serve the business community and chamber members and have passed on the recommendations to the Board of Directors, who will review the proposals and vote on endorsements.

An announcement will be made immediately following the Board meeting in early September.