SEPT 2017 – Member Profile – Coventry Pet Resort

The Coventry Pet Resort, offers five star accommodations for your furry friends

 The Coventry Pet Resort, located at 412 Tennessee, in Redlands,  opened in 2004 with current owners Kevin and Deborah, who have been active in the showing of AKC purebred dogs since the 1980s. The Coventry Pet Resort is currently the home to Champion Coventry Vanity Fair, the number one Pembroke Welsh corgi in America and winner of the herding group at the AKC National Championship at Long Beach California.

Coventry Pet Resort is a member of the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA).  PCSA members offer a variety of services to pet owners including boarding, dog daycare, grooming, animal training, pet supply sales and shipping.

Dog Accommodations

Coventry Pet Resort does not use cages or crates, instead for your pet’s comfort and health they provide full size indoor-outdoor pet suites and the buildings are climate controlled so they are heated and air-conditioned.

Guests can freely choose to go in or out during the day, but in the case of inclement weather, we bring them into the buildings at night so the temperature can be regulated for their comfort and health

The Resort provides all beds and bedding, using Kuranda beds that are like a doggy “Bark-a-Lounger” hammock that lifts your dog about 2-3 inches off the floor so they will stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. they place a hypoallergenic fleece or blanket on top of each bed and launder them daily.

At mealtimes they feed either house recommended Blue Buffalo premium dog food or, if you prefer, your regular food at no additional cost.

The professionals at the Coventry Pet Resort, recommend that both puppies and senior dogs continue to eat their normal diet to minimize the chance of stomach upset that sometimes accompanies rapid diet changes

Overnight lodging rates are based upon the size of your dog. Current rates:

$15.00 for a small dog (1 to 30 lbs.)

$17.00 for a medium size dog (31 to 50 lbs.)

$19.00 for a large dog (50 lbs. and above)


Coventry Pet Resort offers a separate cattery for feline guests to provide a relaxed and stress-free environment, complete with soothing music, 24 hours a day.

Each feline guest is provided with an individual condominium with multiple levels for lounging and playing. Duplex suites are also available on a limited basis.

24 hour staffing insures the safety and comfort of your pet.

Additional services include, grooming training, specialized activities and more.

You and your pet pal can tour the facility with or without an appointment. To learn more about the Coventry Pet Resort call, 909 792-1163 or log onto,