SEPT 2017 – Calling all dogs

By, Charley

Have you heard? It’s going to happen again!!! The Redlands Chamber is going to host another 5K Dog Jog, On Saturday, November 4th 8:00 AM at Sylvan Park!!!

My friends and I had soooooo much fun last year at the very first Dog Jog….. more than 250 of my new best friends showed up and boy did we have a great time!!! Let me tell you, there were all shapes and sizes, some in costume, some riding in wagons and some in strollers, some even got carried across the finish line but that still counts as a finish…we had such a good time.

This year the Chamber is going to start and finish the race from Sylvan Park…. Perfect!! Think of all the trees and bushes we can sniff before and after the race.

I understand that we actually start in the park then make our way through the University campus heading east then a couple of miles later we circle back to the park where we get our official 2017 Dog Tag, I’m collecting them…. And of course our water and treats.

This year I’m told that Alta Vista Credit Union, Barich & Associates, All Four Paws Pet Care, SCE, Allstate Insurance – Todd Underwood, Storage West, and Office Solutions are sponsoring the race. When you shop there tell them thanks for supporting us.

There is a brand new logo and T-shirt for our two legged friends and I think we get official bandanas this year, and a whole bunch of goodies in our swag bag!

I have a couple of pictures I’m going to post here and on our Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat pages. They are pictures of my pals from last year…. amazing athletes each and every one of them.

So here’s the deal!!! For Redlands Chamber members, you can sign up at the Chamber office and find out how to get your huge discount!! Call the Chamber office and tell them Charley sent you. 793-2546!

Once again a portion of the proceeds will go to the Redlands Animal Shelter so they can continue to help all my friends who are looking for a home.

By the way, I’m using the term “race” very loosely….. remember this….. “If you are running with me you’re walking!!!!!”

Keep watching for training tips and pics….see you on the 4th.