SEPT 2015 – Zombies Target Redlands in Summer 2016

#3  Zombie ArticleThe Chamber’s Zombie Fighters… aka… Redlands Fright Night Committee have postponed the apocalypse and have declared the summer of 2016 a “Zombie Pandemic”.

The chamber was planning to host a zombie tour or run if you’re afraid of them, in October of this year but ran into scheduling conflicts with community events so the undead committee called for a “stand down”, regroup and reschedule.

You can now plan your summer get-a-way, or get-out, around the arrival a hundreds of Zombies making their way through the streets of Redlands.

The Chamber will not only monitor but alert the public about the sightings and inevitable arrival of the living dead.

Not unlike the prediction of a severe El Nino~ the apocalypse will redefine Redlands sleepy summer of 16.