SEPT 2014 – Member Profile – Juice It Up

Juice It Up, with ingredients to keep you going

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For nearly a decade, Juice It Up! has been bringing fresh squeezed juices and handcrafted smoothies to communities everywhere. They pride themselves making drinks for the discerning consumer wanting real-fresh-made juice in a variety of healthy blends that enhance the mind, body and spirit. Cathy Griffin and her husband Steve along with partners Scott and Lila Sheppard at Juice It Up! are truly passionate about all things juice. Whatever your passion, their experience and expertise in juice will provide you with the perfect drink to match your lifestyle. The Redlands Juice It UP! team consider themselves  to be true ambassadors of juice and advocates of all the benefits it delivers. Through healthy choices and healthy living, they encourage and promote all individuals to Live Life Juiced.

Located at 1275 Alabama Street, customers have flocked to Juice It Up! raw juice and smoothie bars for their delectable smoothies, concocted within vibrant, energy-infused surroundings, replete with the sound of blazing blenders and the aroma of fresh-squeezed juices.

Juice It UP! Customers were first thought to be young professionals on the go, but now demographics have exploded into a wide spread cross section of customers. From professionals to mothers on the go, from high school and college students to the health conscience person, retirees to baby boomers, surfers and athletes, and on and on…Juice it Up! is turning the masses into “juice junkies”.

Juice It Up!, is focused on infusing  a healthy energy into all that our lifestyles call for…in community and in business. Their tantalizing menu of smoothies and fresh juices are fueling an active lifestyle for thousands of loyal fans.

A proud sponsor the Redlands Chamber Night Light Run, Juice It UP! is committed to the community and the people in it.

Stop by Juice It Up and ask them to or log on to so check out the extensive juice menu. Store hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Sunday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.