Sept 2012 – Chamber announces PAC

            The Redlands Chamber Board of Directors voted to approve the formation of the Redlands Political Action Committee (REBAC) to assist local candidates seeking office. REBAC is dedicated to striving to create a local legislative environment that is open and fair when considering business issues. REBAC Trustees will gather information, interview candidates and support those who best represent business and economic interests.

            A political action committee is a committee that raises money, typically by a personal voluntary contribution, from people that have a common interest or belong to an organization. All contributions are strictly voluntary and completely separate from Chamber dues monies. The purpose of political action committees is to give organizations, companies and other groups, a vehicle for supporting candidates and issues. There are very specific rules that a PAC must follow as it relates to contributions and expenses. A local PAC can solicit personal, voluntary contributions from members of the organization and their families and can use those contributions to provide resources to the committees of political candidates of their choosing. They may also use PAC resources to pay for campaign material on behalf of the candidate they are supporting.

            By law, the PAC is required to have chairman and treasurer upon registering and soliciting funds. Bylaws developed by the PAC help to outline the role of all of the parties involved within the PAC and should clearly explain the process for determination of a PAC contribution. Members may feel more willingness to contribute if they know exactly how the PAC committee will function. Bylaws of the PAC will allow member to see exactly how the PAC will function.