At Carlson Chiropractic you’re the boss

The Carlson Chiropractic their philosophy is to treat the cause of pain not just the symptoms. When many people seek care they have one goal, relief.

During the initial stages of intensive care the caring staff at Carlson Chiropractic has several obligations: * Uncover the underlying cause of health problems * Suggest a treatment plan to produce the fastest results possible * Offer ways patients can participants in their recovery, including exercise, stretches, nutritional supplements and behavior modification. * Explanation of the value of post- symptom wellness care.

Once the pain is eliminated, patients are encouraged to achieve the highest levels of health they can, through ongoing chiropractic care. Abandoning the prevailing sickness care model of health (waiting for symptoms and then taking action), in favor of the emerging wellness model that helps prevent problems from occurring. At Carlson Chiropractic they believe you only have one body so it‟s important to take care of it!

Visit the friendly staff at Carlson Chiropractic at 529 Cajon or call 798-3330.