Redlands Chamber to lobby for support of legislation to “fix it” and comply with ADA

Senator Bob Dutton has vowed once again to introduce into legislation a “fix it” bill that would allow business owners a reasonable amount of time to fix an
ADA violation before a lawsuit can be filed, protecting both the small business owner and the disabled community. The attacks on small business continue and are rampant throughout the State with the demands for payoffs ever increasing for non compliant infractions.

While Senator Dutton proposed emergency legislation in June through Senate Bill 783 in an effort to put a stop to what amounts to legal extortion, it unfortunately failed following party lines. Immediately following the defeat the Senator promised to bring back the effort in then next session and again asked the Redlands Chamber to sponsor the new bill.

This time there will sufficient time to mount a campaign to make everyone aware of the non partisan issue that has enormous impact on the business community not only in Redlands but throughout the State.

The new bill will protect the small businesses and preserve the rights of disabled persons who patronize those businesses. The intent of the legislation will be to stop unscrupulous attorneys, using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), from extorting money from businesses for what amounts to minor violations. The bill will allow property owner and business owner a specific number of days to “fix” the notified ADA violation before a lawsuit can be filed. If the violation(s) is not fixed within the allotted time, a lawsuit may then be filed.

The Redlands Chamber will lead the charge in the campaign that will educate the Senators reviewing the bill. We will need your help to convince them that supporting the bill is a smart business decision for all of us so when you hear the call please respond by sending letters and making phone calls.

The bill has not yet been reviewed by legal or assigned a number. As soon as it has been
introduced we will notify you and ask for your help and support in letter writing and phone calls to those that need the most convincing that this is good for the our businesses and the State of California.