Redlands Chamber LIVE is back for year number 20

Is your Holiday shopping list ready? Do you want to shop from the comfort of home? Then sit back turn on the TV if you’re a Time Warner subscriber, or you can login to, and let the buying begin. The 20th annual Redlands Chamber cable TV auction goes on the air Friday, November 18, 6 – 10 PM and Saturday, November 19th, 4 – 10 PM on channel 3 Time Warner, or log on to and
watch the show streaming live on the internet.

The eleven hour show is divided into 15 minutes segments and offers an array of products and services ranging from the latest toys to restaurant certificates, jewelry, house wares and more all provided by local businesses. During each segment home shoppers phone in bids live, at the end of the segment the highest bidder is notified and the fun starts all over again with the next items up for auction.

You can find a full listing of items that will be listed for bid on the Chamber’s web site and even preview pictures of some of the items that will be on the auction block. Find your way to the most comfortable chair in your house right in front of the TV or computer and pick up your phone and get ready to shop.

Kicking off the holiday shopping season the program features local businesses with products and services that can be purchased right here in the city. Supporting local businesses is important to our quality of life in Redlands and Redlands Chamber LIVE proves you can do all your holiday shopping right here in Redlands.

For more information about Redlands Chamber Live call the Chamber at 793-2546.