OCT 2017 – Furry Frenzy Over Redlands Dog Jog 2017

By, Charley

The Redlands Chamber is once again hosting a 5K Dog Jog and it’s about time we four legged fur friends got the attention we deserve. How many of us run every day with our human pals, getting them ready for local races, marathons or just to keep them in shape and what do we get for our efforts?…. A bowl of water and if we are lucky a treat.

Last year the Dog Jog was a huge success hundreds of my friends came out to run, (walk, stroll, and some wagon riders) a 5K course in an event just for us! Bravo!

All shapes and sizes showed up and we had such a good time we are doing it again. Saturday, November 4th, at 8:00 AM starting in Sylvan Park.

We actually start in the park then make our way through the University campus heading east then a couple of miles later we circle back to the park where we get our official 2017 Redlands Dog Jog Tag. We also get our own bandana with the logo on it… just like the T-shirts our human buddies will get.

The event is sponsored by Alta Vista Credit Union, Barich & Associates, All Four Paws Pet Care, SCE, Allstate Ins., Pacific Specialties Ins., Storage West, and Office Solutions. Tell your peeps to use these businesses for services, they are the best!

So here’s the deal!!! For Redlands Chamber members, you can sign up at the Chamber office and find out how to get your huge discount!! Call the Chamber office and tell them Charley sent you. 793-2546! If you raced last year let the girls at the Chamber know and they’ll give you a discount.

Just like last year a portion of the proceeds will go to the Redlands Animal Shelter so they can continue to help all my friends who are looking for a home.

You can call the Chamber office at 909 793-2546 if you need more information.

This week’s training tip…. Rest up!

   Keep watching for training tips and pics….see you on the 4th.