OCT 2015 – The Importance of Tourism

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The importance of tourism

The tourism industry is important to any community’s economic growth.

A vibrant business environment is supported by a vibrant tourism community. In Redlands, you’ll find new and exciting experiences around every corner, from the Kimberly Crest to the A.K. Smiley Public Library, The Redlands Bowl to the renowned Redlands Symphony, Pro Bike Races to spectacular fireworks events. All of these facilities, festivals and more are local favorites, but they thrive on the financial support of visitor spending.

Visitors who attend, museums, and festivals bring added vitality to our landscape. Without their presence (and their spending) in these facilities and events, our community wouldn’t be nearly as rich – visitor spending is helping build a community that we can all enjoy.

That’s right – visitors to Redlands generate significant revenue in local taxes each year. These taxes (paid by food and beverage, hotel, car rental and other purchases) are cycled into our local economy. Tourism spending breathes life into a community as business meetings, groups and associations and families in town for a youth sports tournaments all support our restaurants, hotels, attractions, shopping and facilities. Our quality of life is enriched as their spending supports our facilities – creating a better city for all of us to enjoy.

Concerts, sporting events, festivals and other special events all rely on visitors as well as residents to attend their events. Everyone receives an improved quality of life when visitor attendance helps bring additional revenue into the city.

In the 21st century, eight out of ten jobs will be in the service industry, which is why we should focus efforts on creating a vibrant economic machine that will help support this dynamic industry.

Our location and unique special “entertainment experiences” along with our high quality of life and amenities are reasons that visitors want to come to Redlands and return year after year!