The Redlands Chamber of Commerce announced endorsements of City Council Candidates Paul Foster, Paul Barich and Jane Dreher.

As the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, we have historically taken the stand that it is important for us to endorse candidates that will best understand and promote policies that enhance the business community of Redlands,” Said Geoff Bonney, Chamber President, “This year we have endorsed three candidates that we feel will further strengthen our movement towards sound economic development and fiscal responsibility.  We interviewed all the candidates, and while some have the expertise and experience in dealing with business issues, we feel that the three candidates that we are recommending were the best suited for the job.  We believe Paul Foster, Paul Barich and Jane Dreher, have the ability, skill and passion necessary to lead us to economic prosperity and success. We encourage all Redlands voters to thoroughly review campaign material, attend speakers’ events, and watch televised events to make an informed decision November 4th.” 

 Paul Foster has served the community as a Council Member for the past 4 years.  He was also a City Planning Commissioner.  He served as the Vice President of Economic Development for the Chamber of Commerce and has served as its president. His past service on the Historic Preservation Commission; Blue Ribbon Commission and his commitment to the Boy Scouts of America have proven him to be a man of integrity, honesty and substance. Foster will continue his thoughtful leadership, fiscal responsibility and good planning on the Council

Council candidate Paul Barich has demonstrated an excellent vision for the City of Redlands. His commitment to community has been never ending, as the “man in the white jacket” at the Redlands Bowl where he has served on the Board for a number of years.  He also served two terms of office as president of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce as well as committing to community boards and committees. He has proven his dedication to the community he was born and raised in. His ability to grasp the significance of well managed business and economic development strategies along with his commitment to public safety make him an ideal candidate for council. His willingness to work with fellow council members to resolve the issues make him a strong team player with a single focus on the future of Redlands.

Jane Dreher has returned to the City after an eight year employment in the regional environment. Her years of service as the Public Information Officer for the city of Redlands along with her years of serving in an administrative capacity at Redlands Community Hospital rounds out her resume that includes small business owner. Her grasp of both local and regional issues that impact the City of Redlands provides her with the insight necessary to make sound decisions for the residents of Redlands. Her commitment to creating an ongoing revenue stream through a sound business development plan suggests her long term vision for Redlands includes prosperity in a safe environment.

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce encourages you to vote for Paul Foster, Paul Barich and Jane Dreher for Redlands City Council on November 4th.