Kona Ice11 Kona picture Experience, it’s more than a snow cone

Move over, ice cream man. There’s a new cool treat in town.

Kona Ice of Redlands premiered its food truck in April, just in time for the hot summer days of the Inland Empire.

Kona Ice provides a unique Tropical Shaved Ice product in a whole new way with a patented Flavor Wave System – where YOU can apply the flavors!

The bright and shiny Kona Ice truck, owned and operated by Cheri Lynn Faber, offers shaved ice that has a snow-like consistency for maximum flavor soak. The truck offers 20-30 flavors that result in hundreds of combinations. Cheri and her crew serve tropical shaved ice from the most unique entertainment vehicle you’ll ever see!

The ice is cranked out fresh into cups of various sizes, starting at $2; from there, customers big and small proceed to the patented Flavorwave pumps on the side of truck, creating a medley of as many flavors as they like, or choosing just one. The Flavorwave is purposely situated at a kid-friendly height.

Those who need to cut down on their sugar intake will be happy to know that, unlike some other water ice operations, there are always several sugar-free flavors to choose from.

Faber says the truck partners with nonprofit groups, schools, team sports, church groups and more throughout Redlands, Highland, Colton and Yucaipa to host fundraisers. When invited, Kona Ice of Redlands acts as a vendor for an event and returns a portion of the profits to the nonprofit immediately.

If you want to learn more about Kona Ice of Redlands, make an appointment to have the truck roll up to your event or business call Cheri at 909 809-9294. To find out where Kona Ice of Redlands is on any given day, check them out on Facebook.