shop redlandsThe post-Christmas visitors to Redlands will be treated with not one but two very special events presented by the Chamber. Redlands on Ice will have young and old ice skating in downtown Redlands December 26 through January 1, made possible by The Rochford Foundation and the City of Redlands. On Saturday, December 27th the second annual Night Light Run will find hundreds of fun seekers dashing through the streets of Redlands in the dark.

Both events will be found in downtown Redlands and in an effort to encourage all who are participating in both events to visit the unique businesses, shops and restaurants, the chamber is developing a coupon/advertising hand-out that will be distributed to all the runners and skaters that visit throughout the week.

“Not only do we want to host these fun filled events we want our guests to discover everything that Redlands has to offer”. Said Daney Bachiu, Night Light Run Chairperson, “We will draw regionally for both events and decided this is a perfect opportunity to showcase the businesses in town.”

The 5 ½” by 8 ½” book will include advertising, coupon offers and additional information for residents and visitors alike.

“The cost of space is incredibly inexpensive so any and all businesses will be able to afford to put something in the book”. said Jan Nowlin, Chamber General Manager.