OCT 2012 – Strategic Plan Review

Each year the Chamber Board of Directors, under the direction of the incoming president, convenes to develop a plan of action for the coming years.

President Elect Daney Bachiu, recently gathered the organization’s leaders and charged them with the task of creating the goals that would not only serve the membership but the business community at large.

In these very challenging times directors were tasked with projecting into the future to determine what programs stay and grow and what should be discontinued.

Directors reviewed a lengthy list of advocacy programs, networking opportunities, troubleshooting, economic development action, business promotions, fundraising plans and membership development, assessing their significance to the core competencies of the organization.

 As the needs of the business community changes so does the direction of the Chamber. Members rely more and more on the organization to keep them informed, lobby on their behalf and act in a timely fashion when facing critical issues at the local, state and federal levels of government.

A sound and healthy business community is the foundation to a prosperous and vigorous city. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Redlands Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting a well managed program that partners with businesses small and large, the city, and regional neighbors to help insure the ongoing success of our community.

Chamber directors are listening carefully to members, bringing issues to the table and addressing concerns with quick action and thoughtful decisions. Maintaining and growing a strong customer base, looking at every opportunity to generate on going revenue streams for our members, the business community and the city, is of critical importance to the Chamber. Providing opportunities to network, to meet and discuss, at informal gatherings, common issues and goals is a focus that remains essential to the program.

The Chamber continues to seek sound programs that meet the ever demanding needs of the members, the business community, citizens and visitors to Redlands. A sound healthy business base supports the quality of life that is unique toRedlands and has endured the test of time. Through a reasonable, sustainable plan of action the Redlands Chamber will continue to represent the voice of the business community with a focus on success and prosperity in the immediate and long term future of the city.