NOV 2018 – Member profile – Fox Dance Studio

Fox Dance Studio, it’s the team that makes the difference

Fox Dance Studio, 330 Alabama St., has a singular philosophy to which they are fully committed: helping their students discover and reach their goals as a dancer through quality instruction and personalized service. Truly believing and implementing this philosophy has allowed for Fox Dance Studio to be privileged with a wonderful group of instructors and students. Fox Dance Studio was created in 2007 by Kerry and Kyle Cummings and has grown ever since its foundation to become a staple in the Redlands community. In 2017, Lucas Manning took over as Fox Dance Studio’s CEO, and he and his team are committed to the continued growth of Fox Dance Studio’s students, staff, and community.

The Fox Dance Studio family of students has grown steadily year-after-year, allowing the team to build and train their group of professional instructors. Not only does Fox Dance Studio believe in treating its students with the utmost respect and care, it also believes in providing all of its instructors with the training and resources they need to provide the highest quality instruction that is catered to each student’s wants and needs.

All of the teachers are professional dancers who have a passion for dance, and for teaching others to dance. In addition to being highly accomplished in their fields, they are also energetic, positive and caring people. The Fox Dance Studio leadership team reflects a group of diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the company.

Whether you’re a brand-new student who’s never danced before, or you have years of experience, it is the commitment that all of our students are openly welcomed by our entire team to the Fox Dance Studio family.

To visit the studio or speak with a member of the dance team, log onto or call, 335-5959.