NOV 2017 – Member Profile – Sleep Number


Designed to keep you and your partner effortlessly comfortable, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed uses Responsive Airtechnology to sense your movements then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support to keep you both sleeping blissfully, all night long.

With a FlexFit adjustable base, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in individual comfort. From taking the roar out of snore​ ​to floating in the weightless feeling of zero gravity, you have to feel the comfort of FlexFit base to believe it.

Did you know that many of us fall asleep faster if our feet are gently warmed? The Sleep Number® 360 smart bed can pre-warm each side of the bed so you’re both ready for your best sleep.

SleepIQ® technology inside the bed tracks how well you sleep each night. In the morning, you’ll both learn how the Sleep Number® bed is adjusting to your individual comfort and the amazing effects the bed has on your sleep quality. It’s called your SleepIQ® score.

Choose from luxurious comfort layers to innovative temperature balancing fabrics to find the knowing we’ve thought of everything for your best sleep ever.

Sleep Number offers a 100 night trial. Visit the Redlands Sleep Number store at 1271 Alabama St, or call 909 792-0195 or you can log onto to discover the future of your sleep.