NOV 2015 – Rise ‘N Shine Redlands Celebrates 25 Years

Happy AnniversaryRise’ n Shine Redlands celebrates 25 years of delivering community information to members. In 1990 a field trip to Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce provided the seed of program that became Rise’ n Shine Redlands. The model program was fast paced interesting and fun… with that model a committee was formed and the rest as they say is history.

It was agreed that to encourage people to attend, participate and enjoy a program that would be called to order at 7 AM on a Friday morning, it would have to be entertaining, interactive and productive. The design fell into place and an hour program with 12 – 15 speakers scheduled was born. It was determined that the speakers would be identified as resources so a lot of information could be transmitted in a short period of time. For additional details guests could seek out the speaker.

As the program evolved I was clear that it was unlike any other chamber meeting. It was fun, fast, interesting, irreverent and dynamic.

Over the years more than 250 chamber members have guided the program having the flexibility to move, bump and shift their way through the program. Well over 3000 announcements, introductions, demonstrations and invites have been scheduled.

It’s rare in any organization or industry to have a long term successful program that maintains interest and attention and Rise’ n Shine has done just that.

On November 6th 7:00 AM at the Casa Loma Room at the University of Redlands, the Chamber will celebrate the Silver Anniversary of this unpredictable event.

Join the revelers and celebrate a quarter of century of news, fun, networking and irreverence, you never know what might happen at Rise’ n Shine.