NOV 2015 – Member Profile – Paulson Orthodontics

Paulson OrthodonticsPaulson Orthodontics, is a respected provider in your orthodontic care community. Located at 219 Cajon Street in Redlands, their practice’s top priority is to provide you with the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment!

Marcus A. Paulson, DDS MS and his staff understands how important a straight, beautiful smile is. That’s why they strive to give their patients the best possible smiles around! Everyone is highly trained and experienced, which is just the beginning of what they offer.

They can provide patients the following state-of-the-art appliances and revolutionary services;

Invisalign® a teeth-straightening system that uses clear, plastic aligners that are virtually invisible. No one will notice you are straightening your teeth unless you tell them!

Damon Bracket System; the first self-ligating system, the Damon system uses lighter wires and lower friction brackets while resulting in faster treatment.

Orthognathic Surgery treats abnormalities of the facial bones, which cause pain and difficulty eating, speaking and sleeping. Sometimes orthognathic surgery is recommended, also known as corrective jaw surgery. Not only do they provide cutting-edge procedures, but they do it with a smile! They want you to have a pleasant experience and look forward to every appointment.

If you have any questions about Paulson Orthodontics, call. Here at Paulson Orthodontics, we’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can! 793-2603 or log onto