NOV 2013 – President’s Article by Daney Bachiu

November, the beginning of the Holiday Season with all it’s concerts, parties, pageants, get-togethers, cookie exchanges, church services, mixers, tree trimming, house cleaning,  decorating, and gift giving. Add to all the usual holiday hullabaloo, the culmination of Redlands 125th Anniversary celebrations and you have one very busy schedule. Whew, makes one tired just thinking about all of it. So get out a good pair of running shoes not only for the “Holiday Sprint” but also The Chamber Night Light Run on December 14th.

I have been a part of many Redlands Chamber of Commerce fund raising debuts, The Chili Cook-off, The Mystery Dinners, The Air Show, A Night of Oscars, and Redlands Chamber Live.  It is always nerve racking the first time out sailing unchartered waters.  Some of these events were short lived, only around for a few years, but some were around for 20 years or more (Chili Cook-off, & Redlands Chamber Live).  You can help our latest endeavor be a stunning success by getting the word out especially to your friends who like to run. Refer them to  I talked to 5 people this past weekend who told me “sounds like fun, but I don’t run”. Remember folks, 99% of the entrants to this type of event, walk, stroll, saunter and meander. It is a FUN Run.  We may have to change our name to Redlands Night Light Not Really a Run……Run.

November is also the month we honor those who have served our country keeping the rest of us safe and free, our Veterans. Ask anyone 60 or older and chances are pretty good they have served in the military. I had a dear friend, Julie Moore, who died this year.  She told me she joined the military to get free nurses training. She first approached the Army to sign up, but hated the drab brown color of their uniforms. Seeing someone in a navy blue uniform, she asked what branch wore that uniform and that was how she joined the USAF. The best years of her life she would say.  Young or old, we owe our veterans a huge debt of gratitude.

November is also the month to give thanks. We have a tendency to focus on the bad things, but we all have many, many blessings to be thankful for.  Personally, I am thankful to live in the beautiful city of Redlands. I am thankful that Redlands has grown and progressed in 125 years, but still managed to keep the things that make this city special. I am thankful the local economy is finally turning around. I am thankful to be basically healthy, (I am skipping wealthy and wise) I am thankful that my chamber presidency is almost over (yippee) and I am thankful that here in Southern California the only thing we have to shovel in the winter is dog poop.

Have a warm, wonderful November