NOV 2013 – A Year to Remember

It has been a year to remember, a year of extraordinary celebrations, souvenirs and keepsakes; of special events and once in a life time memories. We need to extend a great big thank you to Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster and his team of gladiators who served on the 125th Anniversary Committee for making it a spectacular year for those of us in Redlands. While a typical year in Redlands is bursting with events and activities, this year was aglow as each organization embraced the City’s anniversary and added to the celebration. Every affair was a little more brilliant, a little more dazzling because it was the 125th Anniversary and of course there was the ever present anniversary seal that reminded us all we in Redlands have something to be very proud of, we are 125 years old!

With the generous support of sponsors including the Kiwanis Club of Redlands (Noon), the University of Redlands, Eadie and Payne, LLP; Jean Showalter, State Farm Insurance; L&L Environmental Inc., Gary T. Wuchnich DDS MS; Rotary Club of Redlands; and Arrowhead Orthopedics, the city was blanketed with banners, posters and accessories announcing the next event, activity or project.

One of the most remarkable undertakings of the entire community in honor of the 125th celebration was to “build a park in a day” and it happened on April 27 when more than 2000 community volunteers arrived at the corner of Nevada and Orange Streets at the crack of dawn. By days end Redlands had a brand new park to add to its inventory that includes 18 acres of trails, an amphitheater, a Native American “village,” an ethno-botanical and water-conservation demonstration garden, a Zanja reconstruction area, an archeological dig, a vineyard, a replicated water wheel and a citrus grove, truly an amazing achievement all in a day.

The committee, Linda Apmadac, Carole Beswick, Char Burgess, Kyle Cummings, Jennifer Dobbs, Bill Hatfield, Marvin Hudson, Rose Palmer, Myra Patterson, Mario Saucedo, Shelli Stockton, Nelda Stuck and Neal Waner are all to be congratulated on an outstanding job. Their creativity, time, effort and devotion have paid off. Our sincere thanks to all of them and their leader, Paul Foster, for taking on the challenge and exceeding expectations.  From parades to dinners, from original musical productions to merchant participation, to the pride we all feel when we tell others that we are from Redlands, this city continually proves to be an outstanding community and the 125th Anniversary Celebration has reminded us just how amazing Redlands is.  This is one anniversary we will never forget!