MAY 2018 – Young Professional Networking underway

By: Marissa Kramer, General Manager Ayres Hotel RedlandsPresident Elect Redlands Chamber of Commerce

On April 3, 2018 the Young Professionals Network (YPN) held their first meeting. In attendance, were a select ‘Core Group’ who were handpicked to represent and shape how the group will grow and develop.

All in attendance were asked to brainstorm and identify what some of the key items and issues are and what ways that the YPN could develop and foster the program, enlist new members, take on new challenges and assist with committees; all while making it worth their time and energy.

One of the ideas that came from this brain storming session was a Workshop Series, allowing The Young Professionals to learn skills that have been lost on the younger technical generation ranging from public speaking tips and good old fashion networking skills.

The Workshop Series is also planned to work in reverse where by the Young Professionals may be able assist the established Chamber Members to better use Social Media and online presence, and online marketing skills.

The YPN will work with the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop Committee and facilitate the “Food Court” for the upcoming New Year’s Eve event. The YPN will reach out to members of Redlands Service Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations to assist them in organizing and selling tasty treats and warm drinks to the thousands of revelers outside Ed Hales Park.

The YPN Core has slated to meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at the Ayres Hotel at 5:30pm. If you or anyone you know may be interested in become a member of the Young Professionals Network please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 909-793-2546 or myself at 909-335-9024 ext. 401.

On behalf of the YPN, we are eagerly looking forward to growing within and under the guidance of our existing Chamber Members and fostering this new group to further the business and community relationships in Redlands.