MAY 2017 – You are the BOSS of your own business

Redlands Fire Department needs your help to keep all our business’ safe.  The BOSS (Building Occupant Safety Survey) was developed to help small business’ through a self-inspection program that would keep their inspection cost down.  It is important to note that the BOSS program is only available for small, light hazard, commercial occupancies that do not normally have a high occupant load.  Light hazard occupancies are locations where there is a relatively low amount of combustible materials within the occupied space, including furnishings, decorations, and other contents.  These occupancies may include:  small businesses or professional offices, small retail shops, and small personal service shops such as barber shops, beauty shops, or nail salons.

The “BOSS” Program is intended to be an educational program for small businesses and building owners.   It equips them with critical knowledge they need to keep their employees, customers, and property fire safe by adhering to the requirements of the California Fire Code.  Educational materials combined with a fire safety survey checklist, allows the business owner and their employees to be familiar with the safety inspection process from start to finish.  The “BOSS” checklist will be mailed every other year depending on address to verify that hazards do not exist within your business or building.  If a business fits into this category, it may be eligible to conduct its own fire safety survey.  Occupants may elect to complete the safety surveys more often; however, a reminder will be e-mailed and mailed to qualifying businesses on a biennial (every other yearly) basis.

It is very easy, only need to:

  1. When the “BOSS” form comes in the mail, carefully scrutinize their business for the items listed on the fire safety survey.
  2. Complete and sign the fire safety survey form.
  3. Mail the completed survey in the enclosed self-addressed envelope to the Redlands Fire Department along with a check for only $22.00.

Penni Overstreet-Murphy, Fire Marshal

Redlands Fire Department

909-798-7601 (work)