MAY 2016 – Chamber panel works with City to improve One Stop Center processing

3 chamber to work with city

In the third quarter of 2015, a panel of architects, engineers, contractors, developers and sub-contractors met at the chamber to discuss the frustration experienced when seeking plan checks and inspections from city departments throughout project development. From customer service to lost plans, to lengthy delays it was clear there were issues that needed to be addressed. At the same time the Chamber’s panel was evaluating the process, the city contracted with Matrix Consulting Group to do an audit of the system. Both groups came to the same conclusion.

The resulting report from the Matrix Group validated the list of recommendations made by the Chamber panel and added additional notes for improvement. Adding additional counter staff,  implementing a more technically efficient component to the process and allowing for over the counter approvals in some cases are just a few of the suggested high priority changes that would not only improve productivity but also streamline the existing system.

The overall plan proposed in the report is an estimated eighteen month effort that would require City Council to approve budgeted items and give the plan a priority for the coming year.

The report will be submitted to City Council for approval and the chamber’s panel will attend the meeting in full support.

Karen Peterson, City Planner and Mark Berg, City Building Official, are to be commended their commitment to making the One Stop Permit Center more effective and efficient. With long term goals for updated technology, user friendly website and a focus on customer service and communication the One Stop Process is underway for major positive changes that will benefit the entire city.