MAY 2015 – Member Profile – Kenaston Flooring

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Professional flooring services for residential and commercial flooring


Kenaston Flooring is your source for beautiful carpeting, hardwood floors, and many other flooring options for both residential and commercial properties. Their large collection of quality products and commitment to their customers has helped them establish themselves as one of the top flooring companies Inland Empire.

Kenaston Flooring offers products from some of the top retailers in the nation for homes and commercial properties. From basic carpets to hardwoods and laminate flooring, they offer any type of flooring to suit your project.

The knowledgeable team makes it a point to work with customers each step of the way to achieve the results they desire. They consider the customers’ needs, preferences, and budget in order to make the right flooring choice. They install the flooring in a timely, professional manner, paying strict attention to detail to ensure the job is done properly.

Customer service is a priority at Kenaston Flooring. When you contact the experts at Kenaston Flooring, you can be sure you will speak to someone who cares about your project. When your new flooring is installed, you can feel confident that the job was done properly and thoroughly, and that the results will last for years.

Thanks to the generosity of the of the entire team at Kenaston Flooring the Redlands Chamber has brand new carpeting in the downstairs lobby/office area providing a fresh and welcoming environment as soon as you enter the building.

Your floors make a big impact, whether you are ready to install fresh carpet, beautiful hardwood floors, or start fresh with a different type of flooring, or if you are just considering your options, you can trust Kenaston Flooring to provide you with a professional opinion and beautiful results. Contact the professionals at 909 884-8788 to schedule your free design consultation.