MAY 2014 – Your Vote Counts

1 Your VoiceThe right to vote is an important one to exercise. It is a way of having a say in governmental actions that will affect your life in many ways. The act of voting is your opportunity to choose the person who most resembles your own belief system. Regardless of the outcome, your vote sends a message, letting politicians know what is important.

When you do not vote, politicians can get a general idea of which population had a greater turn out than others. For example, it is no wonder that politicians spend a lot of time on the issues of older adults, given they are the population with highest voter turnout. Populations of people with lower voter turnout are going to have their important issues given less attention. Ultimately, whoever wins the election does indeed have the power to impact your life. Local, state government and the federal governments are in charge of making final decisions that will affect your life in many ways. That’s why it is important to get to know the people running for office. When you vote for someone you should vote based on what they believe in and whether or not you support it. Get to know their views on important matters so that you can make an educated decision and support people whose views are similar to your own. This is especially important in Primary Elections to make sure you get the best candidates for the general election.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, you will have an opportunity to exercise your right.

If you think that your opinion (your vote) doesn’t matter think again! The people in office now are making decisions that will affect your life now AND later! Insure that the right person is in office representing you. Let your vote be counted.