MAY 2014 – Improve Your Company’s Earnings This Summer

Enews 6       Summer is coming and with it a great opportunity to earn discounts on your energy bills. Your participation in the Summer Discount Plan allows Southern California Edison to temporarily turn off or cycle your central air conditions compressor(s) during peak periods. You’ll help reduce the change of a power outage and SCE will reward you with summer bill credits, up to $250 per unity.

Participating in the program is easy and there’s no cost to you. Once enrolled in the program SCE will install a small remote controlled cycling device on or near the central A/C unit(s), then when the demand for electricity or cost for energy spike the unit will be temporarily turned off. You control the settings by customizing your participation, selecting from three different cycling plans.

To learn more about the Summer Discount Plan visit www. or call 1-800-439-8765.