MAY 2013 – Member Profile – Coventry Pet Resort

At Coventry Pet Resort 412 Tennessee Street in Redlands the team believes that pets deserve to receive professional, loving care. After all, you don’t want to leave them with just anyone. So bring them to the place where you know they’ll come home looking, acting and feeling great.

As members of the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA), they are committed to meeting a high standard for conscientious care for the animals entrusted to them. Their staff is specially trained to provide your pets with compassionate attention to make their stay comfortable.

The staff at the resort is on board 24 hours a day. They have a full staff during the day and a resident night manager that lives at the Pet Resort and does bed checks at 6:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:00 PM and starts again at 4:00 AM.

Dog Lodging


There are no cages or crates, instead for your pet’s comfort and health Coventry Pet Resort provide full size indoor-outdoor pet suites and our buildings are climate controlled so they are heated and air-conditioned.

Outside Time

Our guests can freely choose to go in or out during the day, but in the case of inclement weather, we bring them into the buildings at night so the temperature can be regulated for their comfort and health.

Activity Packages

They have a myriad of reasonably priced activity packages to suit any dog. Learn more

Beds & Bedding

Coventry provides all beds and bedding, we use Kuranda beds that are like a doggy “Bark-a-Lounger” hammock that lifts your dog about 2-3 inches off the floor so they will stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. They place a hypoallergenic fleece or blanket on top of each bed and launder them daily.


  • At mealtimes guests are fed either the house recommended Blue Buffalo premium dog food or, if you prefer, they will use your regular food at no additional cost.
  • If you bring your food from home, they ask that it be prepackaged in the portions you feed at home and they will keep you dog on a consistent diet and schedule.
  • We recommend that both puppies and senior dogs continue to eat their normal diet to minimize the chance of stomach upset that sometimes accompanies rapid diet changes.


Coventry also offers a variety of healthy and tasty between meal activities and snacks, that they call “Snacktivities” that will satisfy your pet’s desire for both a tasty treat as well as entertainment. A typical treat is frozen yogurt prepared in the Coventry kitchen that your pet can enjoy in between activity sessions.

Cat Lodging

Coventry Pet Resort offers a separate cattery for our feline guests to provide a relaxed and stress-free environment, complete with soothing music, 24 hours a day.


Each feline guest is provided with an individual condominium with multiple levels for lounging and playing. Duplex suites are also available on a limited basis.

Coventry Pet Resort also offers grooming services, teeth cleaning, day care, and training.

A visit to the resort and a meeting with the owners Deborah and Kevin Salow and their professional staff will answer any questions you might have about leaving your pet at the resort for day care over night or to take advantage of any of the other services offered at Covington Pet Resort. You can log on to or call, 792-1163 for more information.