MAY 2013 – Chamber’s Young Professionals plan another Cash Mob

Last month the Chamber’s Young Professionals Network organized a Cash Mob and on a sunny Friday afternoon gathered up dozens of caring individuals who descended on Sweet Memories a small locally owned candy/gift shop in downtown Redlands. Every member of the “mob” committed to spend $20 or more at the store and within just a couple of hours owners saw the register ring, inventory leave shelves and feel a sense of support and hope.

“It was so much fun that another cash mob has been planned for May.” said Chamber President Daney Bachiu. “This committee of young business professionals is really demonstrating through their action and leadership the importance of supporting local small businesses and at the same time making it fun! I was a part of the last mob and marched down State Street with Chairman Lucas Cuny announcing our arrival over a megaphone. People were coming out of stores, cars were slowing to check us out as we carried our posters and banners down the street. This is a real demonstration of what the Chamber and its committees do for the business community.”

Find out where the next cash mob will be by following clues on the cash mob Facebook page, REDLANDS CASH MOB or check at the Chamber’s Facebook page at REDLANDS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and don’t forget to like us. Clues to the next location will be delivered frequently and the big reveal will happen the day of the mob. See if you can guess who will be mobbed.